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    Verlo Mattress: Opening New Stores Across the U.S.

    by Neal Van Patten October 16, 2023 2 min read

    Outside a Verlo mattress factory store.

    The mattress industry is witnessing the dynamic growth of one of its key players, Verlo Mattress. Established in 1958, Verlo Mattress operates 32 stores spread across six states. 

    The brand has recently announced that they have inked three development deals which translate to an impressive 24 new locations sprouting up across the nation.

    The strategic expansion includes six locations each in Denver, CO, and Phoenix, AZ. Dallas, TX will get five new locations, followed by three in Houston, TX. Furthermore, both Boise, ID, and Raleigh, NC will see the establishment of two new locations each.

    This expansion showcases Verlo Mattress's commitment to spreading its core ethos of "American-made, locally crafted" mattresses and top-tier sleeping products.

    Dirk Stallmann, President of Verlo Mattress, emphasized, "Sleep's pivotal role in our well-being is often underrated. Custom mattresses can have a profound influence on one's overall health and quality of life. Our ambition is to provide top-notch, yet affordable mattress services tailored to the unique needs of every customer, while emphasizing the local crafting significance. We are elated with our growth trajectory and aim to expand our reach even further."

    One of Verlo Mattress's standout propositions is its dedication to the community. Customers are offered the exclusive chance to witness their mattresses being meticulously crafted locally. They can further customize these mattresses to perfectly fit their sleep preferences. This localized manufacturing eliminates intermediary costs, granting customers access to luxury sleep products at affordable prices within their community.

    But the brand's commitments don't end there. The Lifetime Comfort Guarantee provided by Verlo Mattress ensures customers can make comfort adjustments throughout the life of the mattress. This not only signifies the brand's staunch focus on customer service but also fosters sustainability by reducing the number of mattresses that wind up discarded.

    Moreover, 2023 has been a year of aggressive expansion for Verlo Mattress. The company has made headway in several new territories, including Charlotte, NC; Miami, FL; Noblesville, IN; West Chicago, IL; and Bentonville, AR. These new locations further Verlo's mission to bring luxury, American-made sleep products to a broader customer base.

    To delve deeper into what Verlo Mattress offers, visit their official website.

    Neal Van Patten
    Neal Van Patten

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