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    David Beckham Joins TEMPUR to Promote Better Sleep Globally

    by Neal Van Patten November 06, 2023 2 min read

    David Beckham posing as new brand ambassador for TEMPUR

    In an exciting partnership that takes aim beyond the borders of the United States, TEMPUR has officially joined forces with global sports icon David Beckham. While TEMPUR continues to thrive in the American market, this collaboration underscores their commitment to expanding their reach worldwide. Beckham, known for his legendary 20-year soccer career spanning four countries and his six-year captaincy of the England national team, is set to become TEMPUR's newest brand ambassador.

    Beckham's journey extends far beyond the soccer field, as he has successfully ventured into various businesses, including his dream of owning an MLS football club, Inter Miami CF. His association with TEMPUR is rooted in his understanding of the significance of sleep and recovery for athletes, having personally witnessed how restful sleep can elevate athletic performance and overall well-being.

    "Quality sleep has always been paramount for me, whether as an athlete or now as a father, husband, and business owner. It empowers me to excel in every facet of my life," shared Beckham. "Having experienced the exceptional comfort of TEMPUR mattresses for many years, I am genuinely thrilled to collaborate with them and champion the remarkable advantages that a great night's sleep can bring."

    Scott Thompson, CEO & Chairman of Tempur Sealy International, expressed, "TEMPUR's overarching mission is to enhance the quality of sleep for people all around the globe, every single night. With David Beckham as our partner, we have found the ideal collaborator to showcase our cutting-edge technology and innovation in the premium bedding market."

    David Beckham's role as a brand ambassador for TEMPUR will primarily focus on key markets within the high-growth Asia Pacific region. The unveiling of his new campaign with TEMPUR is slated for early 2024.

    Mr. Thompson further emphasized, "TEMPUR is incredibly enthusiastic about this new partnership, and we are confident that it will help convey the message of the importance of quality sleep to consumers in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand."

    Backing the significance of sleep in athletic performance, TEMPUR conducted a global survey among over 1,000 athletes, revealing that a staggering 94% believe that enhancing their sleep positively influences their athletic prowess. Furthermore, 92% of respondents agreed that sound sleep is the differentiator between good and exceptional performance when competing. Improved focus (67%), enhanced communication (52%), and more effective training (49%) were cited as the top benefits attributed to quality sleep.

    In a separate survey encompassing over 23,000 adults worldwide, a resounding majority (87%) emphasized the importance of sleep in their long-term health. In fact, sleep ranked second in importance, just behind mental health (88%), surpassing factors such as time spent with family (84%), physical fitness (79%), and socializing with friends (69%). Clearly, sleep holds a central role in the well-being of individuals across the globe, and TEMPUR is committed to bringing the benefits of great sleep to people everywhere.

    Neal Van Patten
    Neal Van Patten

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