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    Saatva and Bedding Industries of America (BIA) Merge

    by Neal Van Patten November 09, 2023 2 min read

    Saatva and Bedding Industries of America (BIA) Merge

    In a landmark development within the mattress industry, Saatva, the luxury e-commerce mattress company, and Bedding Industries of America (BIA) have formally merged. This strategic union signifies the culmination of a long-standing partnership that has significantly shaped the industry landscape.

    BIA, known for its brands including Eastman House, Eclipse, and Millbrook Beds, has held the exclusive position of being Saatva's mattress supplier since Saatva's inception in 2010. This merger solidifies their enduring collaboration, taking it to new heights.

    Saatva's commitment to luxury and excellence extends far beyond mattresses. Their diverse product catalog caters to every aspect of bedroom comfort and aesthetics. From the fundamental bed frames and mattresses to the finer details like lounge chairs, ottomans, swivel chairs, and rugs, Saatva has established itself as a comprehensive destination for luxury bedroom furnishings. Their bedding lineup features hybrid innerspring and memory foam mattresses, youth and crib mattresses, and pet beds. Additionally, they offer a wide array of bedding essentials including pillows, sheets, duvets, comforters, blankets, quilts, and bedding bundles.

    Bedding Industries of America has been the driving force behind Saatva's mattress success. Their exclusive partnership with Saatva has been instrumental in shaping Saatva's reputation as a top-tier mattress provider.

    Ron Rudzin, the CEO of Saatva, and Stuart Carlitz, the founder of BIA, have expressed their unwavering optimism regarding the merger. They foresee a multitude of opportunities arising from this alliance. Saatva, in particular, stands to benefit significantly from a vertically integrated supply chain, which promises enhanced quality and efficiency across their product offerings. Simultaneously, BIA intends to leverage Saatva's abundant resources to strengthen its foothold in the brick-and-mortar retail sector while bolstering its flagship Eclipse and Eastman House brands.

    The merger between Saatva and Bedding Industries of America marks a significant milestone in the mattress industry. It formalizes a partnership that has long been synonymous with trust and excellence, paving the way for a future that holds even greater promise for both entities. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that this merger will undoubtedly bring to our ever-evolving industry landscape.

    Neal Van Patten
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