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    Bob's Mattresses in Colorado Springs Closes Its Doors After 25 Years

    by Neal Van Patten November 02, 2023 3 min read

    Mattress store front advertising $344 for a queen size at Bob's Mattress

    Bob's Discount Mattresses, a mattress retailer with a 25-year legacy in Colorado Springs, has decided to shutter its operations. The closure is attributed to a series of economic challenges that have plagued the business. 

    According to a report by Devan Karp, published on KOAA News 5 Southern Colorado on November 2, 2023, the owner of Bob's Discount Mattresses, Bob Weikel, has cited several significant factors for this decision. These factors include inflation, high-interest rates, and a steadily increasing cost of living.


    Bob Weikel, the owner, lamented, "Yeah, the economy has finally got us," in a candid interview with KOAA News 5 Southern Colorado. This statement underscores the severe challenges that have forced the closure of this long-standing mattress retailer.

    The decline of Bob's Discount Mattresses was not sudden; it was a gradual process. The store's once extensive presence, comprising eight locations, dwindled to just one. Weikel's original intention when entering the mattress business was to provide customers with the best possible deals, setting him apart from competitors who, in his view, did not prioritize customer affordability.

    Weikel recalled his motivation for entering the industry, saying, "I worked for other mattress companies in town before that, and I saw how they were... not taking care of their customers, let's say, with prices and stuff like that, and I thought I could do a better job."

    The closure of Bob's Discount Mattresses has left its customers and the community in shock. Trip Uhalt, a customer who had purchased a mattress from the store earlier in the year, expressed his dismay, emphasizing the store's long-standing presence as a local fixture.

    Weikel attributes the diminishing foot traffic in his stores to the dwindling disposable income of his customers, largely due to adverse economic conditions. He pointed out that the rising costs of essential commodities, such as gasoline and groceries, have left people with fewer funds to allocate for purchasing mattresses.

    "I think it's mainly because people don't have money. When you go to the gas pumps, if you go to the grocery stores, if you buy anything, you're spending more money, and people just don't have the money," Weikel explained.

    Weikel pointed to the current high-interest rates as a deterrent to home buying, a scenario typically associated with the purchase of new mattresses. The combination of these factors has created a challenging retail environment for mattress stores like Bob's Discount Mattresses.

    Uhalt echoed Weikel's sentiments, noting the significant shifts in the economic landscape that have impacted people's spending habits and purchasing power. He remarked, "The economy these days, groceries costing twice, three times what they used to cost, and mortgage rates being up to huge percentages, 8% now, people are not buying what they used to be doing, disposable income is not there."

    Logo for Bob's Discount Mattress in Colorado

    As Bob's Discount Mattresses prepares to close its doors for the final time on November 14th, Weikel's primary focus is on assisting his remaining five employees in their search for new job opportunities. He expressed profound gratitude to the community for its unwavering support throughout the years and conveyed a heartfelt message to his loyal customers.

    The closure of Bob's Discount Mattresses serves as a stark reminder of the profound impact that economic factors can exert on businesses within the mattress industry. Inflation, high-interest rates, and a rising cost of living can collectively pose formidable challenges to even well-established businesses.

    Source: KOAA News 5 Southern Colorado, Devan Karp, November 2, 2023.

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