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    Leggett & Platt Sales Tumble in Q3

    by Neal Van Patten October 31, 2023 2 min read

    Stock chart showing Leggett & Platt stock price for the last month.

    The third quarter results of Leggett & Platt paint a clear picture of the challenges faced by sector leaders amidst fluctuating market demands. The company witnessed a significant downturn, with a 9% decrease in overall sales compared to the same quarter of the previous year. This decline underscores the broader market sentiment and shifting consumer preferences impacting bedding and furniture segments.

    J. Mitchell Dolloff CEO Headshot
    Mitch Dolloff, President and CEO, emphasized Leggett & Platt’s focus on adapting to these market shifts. Key strategies include enhancing operating efficiency, strong cash management, and seizing new product opportunities. Dolloff noted plans to integrate specialty foam and innerspring operations to boost profitability and strengthen the company’s financial position, aiming for better returns to shareholders.

    Bedding Products Division: A Closer Look

    The bedding products division, traditionally a cornerstone of Leggett & Platt’s portfolio, reported a marked decline:

    • Trade Sales: There was a 17% drop in trade sales, a substantial figure that mirrors the broader industry’s concerns over market saturation and evolving consumer needs.
    • Volume: The division saw an 8% decrease in volume, primarily linked to weakened demand in domestic markets. This volume shrinkage is a telling indicator of the shifting market dynamics within the United States, reflecting both economic factors and changes in consumer behavior.
    • EBIT Movements: Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) fell by $13 million. This decline was primarily attributed to reduced metal margins and lower volumes. A silver lining was found in a $5 million gain from a real estate sale, offering some offset to the overall decline.

    As the industry navigates through these uncertain times, the performance of Leggett & Platt serves as a vital indicator of the health and trajectory of the bedding sector. The company's proactive measures and strategic evaluations reflect a broader industry trend of introspection and realignment in response to changing market conditions. Executives and stakeholders within the mattress and bedding industry will be closely monitoring these developments, seeking insights and strategies to adapt to an increasingly competitive and unpredictable marketplace.

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