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    How Polysleep's Branding Comes Alive in Fortnite's Woolen Warfare

    by Neal Van Patten October 13, 2023 3 min read

    Woolen Warfare gameplay showcasing Polysleep's in-game branding in Fortnite

    Gaming and mattresses - not an obvious pairing at first glance. But in a world where marketing avenues are constantly expanding, the recent collaboration between Polysleep and has brought these two realms together in an unprecedented way.

    For those in the mattress industry who might not be familiar with the global sensation that is Fortnite, it's more than just a game; it's a cultural phenomenon. Boasting an audience of 239 million monthly players, Fortnite's virtual landscape presents a massive, yet relatively untapped, opportunity for brands to get in front of an engaged and youthful audience.

    Polysleep, a leading Canadian mattress company known for its innovative sleep solutions, has partnered with, a tech company specialized in connecting brands to consumers in 3D environments. Together, they've introduced "Woolen Warfare", a Polysleep-branded competitive multiplayer game within Fortnite.

    For industry insiders, the intriguing collaboration between Polysleep and on Fortnite's platform brings forth questions of execution. How exactly does a mattress brand imprint itself within a fast-paced, competitive gaming environment? Let's dissect the collaboration and examine the nuances of this marketing strategy.

    1. The Game Within a Game: Fortnite, beyond its gameplay, offers a unique platform called Fortnite Creative. This feature allows developers and creators to design custom islands or gaming experiences within the Fortnite universe., via its subsidiaries Metaverse Group and Hulk Labs, tapped into this feature to craft "Woolen Warfare" specifically for Polysleep.

    2. Ubiquitous Branding: It isn't just about slapping a logo here and there. In "Woolen Warfare," Polysleep's branding is intricately woven into the game's landscape. Buildings, structures, and even in-game items bear the Polysleep logo and design aesthetics. So, as players navigate the game, engage in battles, or simply explore, they're consistently met with visual reminders of Polysleep. This immersive branding strategy ensures that players subconsciously register the Polysleep identity during their gameplay.

    3. Engaging, But Not Intrusive: One of the challenges of in-game branding is ensuring that the branding doesn't feel forced or intrusive. Buildings with Polysleep logos or designs don't feel out of place but rather add to the game's ambiance. It's a delicate balance of keeping branding noticeable without detracting from the game experience.

    4. Expanding the Experience: Beyond the game, players are directed to the "Woolen Warfare" website for more information. This extends the engagement from the game to a platform where Polysleep can offer more direct marketing, product details, and even promotions.

    5. Community Engagement: The collaboration also beckons players to engage with both and Polysleep teams directly. By offering avenues for interaction, such as the scheduled meeting on October 10, they're fostering a community feel. This not only promotes the game but also builds a bridge of communication between brand and consumer.

    So, why is this significant for the mattress industry?

    1. A New Audience Base: According to a report by Deloitte, 96% of Millennials, Gen Alpha, and Gen Z in the United States are avid video gamers, averaging 11-13 hours per week. By embedding the Polysleep brand within a game, the mattress company is effectively capturing the attention of a massive, younger audience.

    2. Reimagining Brand Engagement: By merging the virtual gaming space with mattress branding, Polysleep is reshaping the concept of brand engagement. Instead of passive advertising, they're creating interactive experiences, intertwining their brand essence with the excitement of gameplay.

    3. Out-of-the-Box Marketing: For a while now, traditional advertising channels have been feeling the saturation point.'s approach, as showcased in the Polysleep collaboration, offers brands a fresh, innovative way to reach consumers. This signals a potential shift in how mattress brands could engage with audiences in the future.

    Jeremiah Curvers, CEO of Polysleep, sums it up aptly: "Our aim is to seamlessly blend technology with the gaming experience, allowing players to enjoy their favorite pastime while subtly promoting healthy sleep habits."

    For those in the mattress industry, it might be time to think beyond billboards, TV spots, and social media campaigns. As Polysleep has shown, sometimes the next big marketing opportunity might just lie in the most unexpected places.

    Neal Van Patten
    Neal Van Patten

    Neal stands out as a seasoned expert in the mattress industry, blending a notable track record in innovation, digital marketing, and SEO with strategic industry insights. Renowned for his contribution of multiple utility and design patents, Neal's articles for not only delve into product development but also embrace the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing and search engine optimization, crucial for today's mattress industry executives and aficionados.

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