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    The Company Store's Expansion into the Mattress Market

    by Neal Van Patten October 26, 2023 2 min read

    The Company Store luxury mattress showcased, highlighting its hand-tufted wool rosettes and silk, wool, and cashmere quilted top.

    The Company Store, a longstanding leader in comfort-driven home textiles and decor, has made a strategic and sensible leap into the luxury mattress market. Known for their high-quality bedding, pillows, and related products, this move into mattresses aligns perfectly with their existing product range and expertise. Starting November 1, The Company Store will begin offering its own line of luxury mattresses, aptly named The Company Store Mattress.

    With over 110 years in the business, The Company Store's expansion into mattresses can be seen as a natural evolution of their brand. By venturing into this new product category, the company not only extends its product range but also strengthens its footprint in the home comfort segment. Considering their deep experience in producing comfortable, high-quality bedding products, stepping into mattress production is a fitting development.

    The Company Store’s decision to partner with a U.S.-based, family-owned company specializing in handcrafted mattresses for 87 years bolsters this new venture. This collaboration promises to blend the best of both worlds – The Company Store's rich history in comfort and design with the expertise of an established mattress maker. This partnership aims to ensure that The Company Store Mattress upholds the brand's commitment to quality, durability, and comfort.

    From a practical perspective, adding mattresses to their product lineup is a smart move. Customers who trust The Company Store for bedding and bath products can now enjoy a one-stop shopping experience for their entire bedroom. This addition effectively makes the brand a comprehensive provider of bedroom comfort.

    Corinne Bentzen, CEO of The Company Store, highlights that the decision to add a luxury mattress to their portfolio aligns seamlessly with the brand's history. "Our comforters, pillows, and bedding have been symbols of exceptional comfort for generations. It's fitting that we now extend this promise to include luxury mattresses. We've selected the finest manufacturing partner to ensure our mattress delivers the optimal blend of feel, support, breathability, and longevity that our customers expect from us," says Bentzen.

    The details of The Company Store Mattress reflect this emphasis on comfort and quality. The mattress features hand-tufted wool rosettes and a luxurious quilted top layer made of silk, wool, and cashmere. These elements are designed for temperature regulation and moisture-wicking, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Moreover, the use of copper, silver, and gel fibers, combined with natural latex and a dual coil system, highlights the focus on supportive and restorative sleep.

    Given this well-thought-out entrance into the mattress space, it's reasonable to anticipate further innovations and offerings from The Company Store in this arena. As they continue to explore and understand the mattress market, there's potential for a wider range of mattress options in the future. This initial foray appears to be just the beginning of a deeper dive into providing comprehensive comfort solutions for the bedroom.

    The Company Store's move into selling mattresses seems like a smart and organic extension for the brand. It's a strategic step that not only broadens their product assortment but also enhances their reputation as a purveyor of complete bedroom comfort. This development is not only a logical progression for the company but also signals the potential for more growth and innovation in the mattress sector from The Company Store.

    Neal Van Patten
    Neal Van Patten

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