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The Case of the Removed Mattress Tag

A mattress shopper from Illinois, who had been suffering from a bad back and decided that replacing her mattress would help relieve it, got to experience first-hand what the consequences are for removing the mattress tag that read, “Do not remove under penalty of law.”

Signs To Watch Out For When It’s Time To Get A New Mattress

Mattresses are solid investments. Few people realize this when they set out to buy a new one. And in the end, they end up with a mattress that is far too deteriorated, their backs hurt and they can’t get sleep right.

You know your mattress needs replacement if you check out for the following “symptoms”:

Serta Unveils New iSeries Mattress

Serta is set to introduce its latest iSeries mattress this month at the Las Vegas Market.

The product consist of innerspring beds with individually wrapped coils and gel memory foams as its main components and the price range for the models fall around $1299 to $2499.

The iSeries has three models:

a specialty sleep look with zippered covers a smooth top design offered in firm and plush feels a traditional, quilted design

Shopping Tip: Take Mattresses Out For Test Drive

Consumers usually have a hard time shopping for a mattress because it’s hard to pick out which the best one is. But in order to help one decide, a surefire way is to test the mattress out first.

As recommended by Consumer Reports Magazine, a shopper has to at least spend 15 minutes on a mattress they’re eyeing on and lie down in their favorite position. Most stores should allow this to their patrons, and if they don’t, perhaps talking to the store manager would work.

What Are All Those Organic Mattress Accreditations

When you purchase an organic or naturally made mattress and bedding, you will probably notice stickers and accreditation marks all over it. There are actually different types of accreditations, sealing that the mattress you’re buying is made of top quality, but it can get confusing.

Here is a simple guide to some of these accredications:

3 Things To Consider in Buying Mattress

As everyone always say, the bottomline to picking the mattress perfect for you would have to rely on your own preference and needs from a bed.

Setting aside that consideration, however, what are the things you need to rundown and take into account when choosing a mattress?

First of all, you have to check the mattress’ construction. These days, there are plenty of mattresses that put emphasis on natural body alignment. Foams are engineered so that the mattress won’t hurt your shoulders and back and you can feel your stress points really relaxing. There are plenty of mattresses that offer zones and layers of comfort. Construction matter to comfort, thus it’s the first thing you’d have to check.

Dr. Scholl-Like Mattress From Technogel

Banking on a familiar name, the European company, Technogel, is releasing a new kind of mattress that will probably remind you of how a Dr. Scholl looks and feels.

Remember Dr. Scholl? If you’ve had problems with feet, you may have already encountered the name. Dr. Scholl is a famous brand for feet care. They not only have foot powders and deodorants for the feet, they also have orthotic products, the most popular of which is this blue gel thing that you put on the base of your shoes so that wearing it feels better.

Gold Bond Mattress Introduces Redesigned Premier Series

Gold Bond Mattress, which has been in the business since the late 1800’s, is coming out with a redesigned mattress line from their Premier Series. This collection is features mattresses that come with two sides.

The mattresses are especially handmade with about 850 innerspring coils supporting it. The redesigned collection comes with a striking fabric which has been lined with mircrosuede. The new line looks very modern and aesthetically a lot more pleasing.

The Importance of Reading Buyer Guides Before Buying Mattresses

How long before your newly purchased mattress develops lumps and becomes saggy? A survey among consumers say that in spite the warranty and assurance that it would remain firm for more than ten years, most mattress buyers end up disappointed. The lifespan of their mattresses only last them for three years.

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