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Sleep Pods and Destressing In The Workplace

As part of the perks given to its workers, Google apparently provides sleep pods for thousands of its employees at its offices in Mountain View, California. Because of the demanding work that Google employees perform, they are encouraged to take breaks and sleep or rest on the pods  to de-stress and recharge.

Mattress Trend for 2014

What can be expected from the mattress industry this 2014?

According to the experts, growth for specialty mattresses that will feature hybrid styles and innovations will continue to become the primary focus for many of the players. We’ve seen how much cooling gels have risen in demand in the past years, and it’s most likely going to escalate this year. In particular, manufacturers will be developing and coming up with mattress products that help with making the sleep environment cooler or warmer, depending on the climate, especially since the weather, of late, continues to become so unpredictable.

How To Get Creative With a Mattress For A Costume

Scrimping for a Halloween costume in the last minute? Why not make use of your old mattress before finally ditching this?

It may not sound so easy, especially if you’re using a traditional mattress with loads of spring inside. But if you have the right tools, it can be a simple process. Your mattress is old anyway, so deconstructing it to use its other parts wouldn’t be so bad.

Days End Sleep Collection Firm Mattress

This mattress provides a very luxurious feel and comes with a traditional mattress support made of innerspring unit. It’s very affordable and yet provides great value.

This mattress features the following:

Serta Perfect Sleeper® Reese II Limited Plush EuroTop Queen

This mattress is covered in bamboo knitting, and thus is an excellent alternative to traditional mattress. It is also microbial and hypoallergenic, complimenting well with the memory foam as it helps to adjust or regulate temperature. The mattress is also body contouring and delivers optimal performance.

Sleep Harmony 10 Inch Mattress Memory Foam

Featuring a circular knit top with brown velour sides, this memory foam mattress is 10 inches of comfort. Half of it is made of memory foam (top side), while the other half is of high density foam (bottom).

Traditional Firm Mattresses by Shifman

Traditional Firm Mattresses by Shifman

The two sided mattress by Shifman is both noted for its quality and craftsmanship. Comfort and support are at its prime for this mattress.

416 coils Hi-profile Bonnell Coils Modular unit box spring Covered in luxurious Belgian damask Upholstered with natural cotton, Dacron and plush layers of super-soft and convoluted foam Mattress is two-sided for extra durability Set includes mattress and box springs Meets all fire-retardant safety laws 10-year warranty

Calder Contour Memory Mattress

Calder Contour Memory Mattress

This mattress has a traditional bonnel spring system like most traditional mattress. Unlike most traditional mattresses though, it has a 5 cm layer of visco elastic memory foam on top of it. Memory foam, as you may already know, is a special kind of foam originally used by NASA astronauts to cushion their body during take off. Memory foam is widely known to alleviate pressure relief.

Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed

The mattress with its soft, inflated frame allows for more support and may be used as a permanent sleeping space, replacing any traditional mattress with box spring. The bed features:

20.8 gauge flocked top 15 gauge vinyl beams 16 gauge vinyl bottom Hand held AC Pump Included Includes duffle bag with shoulder strap
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