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Is Your Teen Losing Sleep? A New Mattress May Help!

A study conducted by Parisian researchers at the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital shows that sleep patterns and habits of teenagers may greatly improve with use of a new mattress.

For the past 25 years, teenagers have apparently lost some 50 minutes of sleep on average. Bearing other factors that may affect this, such as the propensity for using gadgets, and the teen’s attachment to social media, researchers said that one way to remedy this is to introduce a newer, better and bigger mattress.

Sleeping Well During Summers

Focus for summer season is devoted to leisure activities, vacations and taking time off. That means, people will be more inclined to rest, relax and sleep, as they take advantage of breaks. But summer also means hot weathers and plenty of activities that can disrupt the quality of sleep. So, how do you deal with a hot and busy summer and get the rest you need?

iComfort Now Comes With Springs

Serta Mattress is enhancing their iComfort line. The mattress features this Cool Action memory foam with gel, providing a soft sleep surface for its users. But to make this even more comfortable, the compnay is also introducing an innerspring model to what is already a revolutionary mattress.

Mattress Monitor For Those With Sleep Apnea

Bam Labs has come up with an easier way for people with sleep apnea to track their sleep in this sensor device that is able to measure breathing and heart rate. And it doesn’t need to be attached to the user, as with other gadgets. This monitor is fitted with a mattress pad that the user can sleep on.

Best Mattress For Sleeping Next to a Tosser

Couples who share the same bed have to find harmony and make compromises in their relationship. This also means adjusting to one’s sleeping patterns. For some couples, the adjustment would be harder if they find out soon enough that their bed mate for life is actually a tosser, or someone who doesn’t lie still while he sleeps.

Latex Mattress Now More Preferred By Consumers

Mattress consumers from North America are slowly catching on to the latex mattress as a necessity that’s a better alternative than a memory foam mattress. Part of the reason for this shift is because latex mattresses are not synthetically made. It comes from natural foam rubber and is better for several factors — such as it’s hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant, while still delivering the same softness, cushion and quality as a memory foam.

Trouble Sleeping? Mattress Sharing May Be The Cause

Couples sleeping together or those who share their mattresses with another person may find themselves having trouble sleeping according to experts.

Because men and women apparently have different needs when it comes to what their bed must be feel like, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can eventually disrupt sleep patterns.

The Best Mattress Relief for Back Pains

We already know how important getting a good sleep does to our body. We have to receive enough and rest enough so that our body can rejuvenate and repair itself, so we all take measures and prepare the bedroom for a good night’s sleep. Good sheets, a comfortable ambience, a relaxing surrounding and a soft, sturdy mattress all contribute to this. If one of it isn’t met, our nights become restless and our sleep patterns are disturb.

Sleep and Obesity In Kids Linked

According to a study done by researchers from the University of Chicago and the University of Louisville, kids between the ages of 4 to 10 who get more sleep and who have a strict bedtime routine, are least likely to grow up obese.

We’ve always been told how important sleep is so that our body can recover and regenerate. As a child, many of us where even told to take naps despite our protest. So, here’s another why sleep is good and very much recommended. It helps minimize weight and obesity problems later, when the kids mature.

Biometric Blanket

Biometric Blanket

Would you really want a camera to record your body movements and a biometric blanket to track your sleep patterns and then eventually wake you up when it’s time to do so? Whatever happened to good ol’ alarm clock?

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