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Serenity Firm Mattress

A very low maintenance mattress that does not require flipping, this is made with a wooden foundation out of dried kiln and has a split type support and done as a low profile bed for utmost comfort. The construction has been done to make sure that the mattress’ life is long and enduring to many years of use.

A Mattress That Can Save Babies from SIDS

A local businessman in Detroit claims to have the one mattress that will help parents of infants who are worried that their child may die from SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Secure Beginnings C.E.O Kelly Obriot has created a mattress that is made from a thin and breathable organic material, with air flow channels underneath it. The mattress supposedly helps babies breathe properly, despite their sleeping position. Obriot is a parent himself and he intended this for his own kids. He understands the parents’ worries and needs when it comes to this.

Better Than a Box Spring Mattress Foundation

The complete support system you need when you want to sleep comfortably, relax and rejuvenate. This mattress foundation is durable and user friendly and would be an ideal replacement for your metal bed. It includes a 14″ storage area under it.

Dual Position Comfort Wedge

Here’s a pillow that is uniquely designed with an unusual shape. It is so that back cradling, and even the neck, shoulders and the head are well aligned and supported. You may even use this to sleep comfortably, if you have a problem breathing. Slightly upright in its position, the wedge is also ideal for sitting with proper support. Made of polyurethane foam with washcloth.

Sailboat Musical Pillow

For your baby’s delight and for your enjoyment, too.

This pillow comes equipped with music and lullabies you can play to lull your baby to sleep comfortably. The choices of songs include classics like “The Magic Flute” by Mozart or “The Waltz of the Flowers.”

Three Zone Foam Enhancer Pad

There are three zones to this mattress topper, offering three different kinds of support for the body. This way, weight and pressure is more evenly distributed on the bed. When that happens, people can sleep comfortably and without the tossing and turning.

Serta Pebble Creek Firm Mattress Group

The Perfect Sleeper from Serta has both memory foam and innerspring system. It has been so designed to offer the best sleep comfort. It features the following:

Advanced Comfort Quilt® reduces tossing and turning by cushioning every part of the body and improving circulation at the shoulders, arms and hips Exceptional comfort, with insulator pad, 2″ high-density support foam and 1″ Serta® foam Memory foam molds and contours to your body to minimize pressure points and reduce tossing and turning 532 Continuous Support® innerspring system with Total Edge® foam encasement features head-to-toe coils to help maintain natural spine alignment and eliminate roll-off feel at the edges and roll-together feel in the center FireBlocker® top layer fiber for improved fire resistance

Peaceful Dreams Mattress Topper

There are five zones to this mattress topper, each zone has been designed to offer something unique to the sleeper. Each zone supports the body’s particular pressure points, allowing rest to be easy and very comfortable. Additionally, the corrugated lines allow air to keep one very cool.

1-1/2″ thick temperature-responsive foam helps you sleep comfortably 1.5 lb. density

Sona Pillow for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea

We have, so far, featured a lot of snore-prevention pillows but none is so funny looking than this one, with its very unusual shape.

The pillow is medically recommended for snorers and their wives who continue to be bothered by it.

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