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The J-Pillow

Those going away this holiday season may want a suitable travel companion with this pillow. It promises to provide quality sleep while on the plane or the road. The pillow is designed in an unusual J-shape, allowing the user to rest his shoulders and neck when he can’t necessarily lie down on the airplane seat or the seat of the bus. The pillow cradles the chin and neck, so that the user won’t wake up snapping, as travel conditions can be bumpy.

The Original Cuddle Pillow: Armadillow

Similar to the Cuddle Mattress, which we have featured early this week, the Armadillow comes with slats or “arm tunnels” (as the manufacturer calls it) that allows a person to comfortably rest his arm on the couch or bed, while cuddling next to a loved one.

Sleep Positions and Your Mattress

Your favorite sleeping position can matter to what kind of mattress you should get, if you’re considering of replacing your current one. Picking the wrong type of mattress could affect your comfort level and sleeplessness. It’s only right to take  your sleeping position into account, as different parts or sides to your body come in contact with the mattress.

3 Things To Consider in Buying Mattress

As everyone always say, the bottomline to picking the mattress perfect for you would have to rely on your own preference and needs from a bed.

Setting aside that consideration, however, what are the things you need to rundown and take into account when choosing a mattress?

First of all, you have to check the mattress’ construction. These days, there are plenty of mattresses that put emphasis on natural body alignment. Foams are engineered so that the mattress won’t hurt your shoulders and back and you can feel your stress points really relaxing. There are plenty of mattresses that offer zones and layers of comfort. Construction matter to comfort, thus it’s the first thing you’d have to check.

Chiromatic Sleep System Introducing The Sports Mattress

Chiromatic Sleep System is coming out with a specific type of mattress that should serve athletes and those in competitive sports really well. Physical training is tough on the body and at night, all an athlete can do is just rest and recover from it.

Dubbed as “The Sports Mattress” this is a specially designed no-flip luxury mattress that comes with enhanced pressure relief. The mattress is made from latex and memory foam. It is also featured with the following patented enhancements:

The Patented Lumbar Zone Technology – covering one third of the mattress to support the hips and the shoulders. The Patented Lumbar Zone Quilting System – a densified quilt pattern that is supposed to make the mattress a lot durable, especially with its added memory foam layer that provides additional pressure relief of the body. A Cool Max® Cover – promoting cooler comfort that helps with rest and deep sleep. The Chiro-Life Edge Butterfly Steel Encasement – which makes the mattress sturdier and less susceptible to sagging and breaking down.

Science of Sleep Multi-Zone Mattress Pad

This mattress pad comes featured with air flow foam that helps with ventilation. It has four zones that allows for comfort to be evenly distributed in all of one’s body weight. The mattress pad provides a gentle support zone from the head down to the shoulders, then to the torso and legs.

Clearbrook Cushion Firm Euro Pillowtop Mattress

Made by one of America’s most respected oldest mattress companies, this particular model is individually wrapped in 825 coils and has a proven effective system that helps with support and spinal alignment.

2½” foam encasement for a resilient edge and expanded sleeping surface layer of Versare between 1″ and 2″ layers of high-density foam Variable Response Technology® provides added support to shoulders, hip and knees for head-to-toe cushioning comfort 1½x½” convoluted foam sandwiched between two layers of 1″ Hypersoft
Ergo System by Tempur Pedic

Ergo System by Tempur Pedic

From Tempur-Pedic’s line of sleep systems, the Advanced Ergo System does. Adjust the bed to whatever your need is — elevate your body, sleep in neutral, shoulders up, raised legs — whatever position you choose, the bed will provide real support, especially with its Tempur-Pedic mattress.

ISO-Cool Mattress and Pillows

ISO-Cool Mattress and Pillows

What you need during this time of the year is a mattress that absorbs your body heat and keeps you dry and sweat free while sleeping.  This IS0-Cool Mattress is made of space age foam from Isotonic® three-inches thick and keeps temperature of your bed at a constant.

REAL-EaSE Neck Support

Quite a funny looking device to bring to bed, but this neck support could be just what you need to be comfortable when lying down or resting.

Product Description The Real-Ease Neck and Shoulder Relaxer is a scientifically contoured headrest designed to let you deeply relax. Doctor Riter’s Real-Ease is the most advanced cervical neck support in the world. It is so unique that it’s patented. It is totally non-toxic and is the simplest, least expensive way to deeply relax your tired, sore neck and shoulders.

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