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Aireloom Aspire Preferred By Young Consumers

E.S. Kluft & Co’s Aireloom Aspire Collection is the company’s most affordable mattress. Known for its luxury bedding, the company’s Aireloom mattress is apparently becoming well-received, especially among younger consumers who aspire the luxurious lifestyle, but have limited means. The Aireloom, dubbed as somewhat comparable to a Mercedes Benz C-class, has a starting price of $2,000 and is made available at Bloomingdale’s.

There Is A Mattress Jumping Job In Pakistan

Most mattresses undergo road testing, so to speak, before they are even sold at stores. This is a fact that many consumers don’t know or give thought to. And in Pakistan, high end manufacturers hire actual people for this. Their job description is as “mattress jumper” and what they do is to literally jump on beds to test for quality.

Mattress Campaign Encourages You To Stop Sleeping Around

Better Sleep Council (BSC) has geared up fr a new campaign for this year, which is putting focus on an individual’s relationship with his or her mattress.

The campaign emphasizes on the danger of “sleeping around” and “cheating”, but in the context of having to steal a few shut-eyes at work, for example.

Shopping Tip: Take Mattresses Out For Test Drive

Consumers usually have a hard time shopping for a mattress because it’s hard to pick out which the best one is. But in order to help one decide, a surefire way is to test the mattress out first.

As recommended by Consumer Reports Magazine, a shopper has to at least spend 15 minutes on a mattress they’re eyeing on and lie down in their favorite position. Most stores should allow this to their patrons, and if they don’t, perhaps talking to the store manager would work.

Getting The Best Deals Off Clearance Mattress Sales

Gearing up for a mattress clearance sale? These usually happens close to a widely celebrated holiday (such as Memorial Day).

And these days, it’s never difficult to find a good deal, especially when you have the internet to help you with your shopping. All you have to do is browse different review sites and check for feedback on the particular model of mattress you like. Amazon is a good place to start. You can also check online for specifications on the mattress, so that you know what to look for before you head to the clearance sale madness.

Mattress Store Secrets You Should Know

Since studies say we spend a third of our lives in bed, picking out a good and high quality mattress is essential to our buying power. A mattress purchase is an investment that is much important as buying a car or a house. You have to reap all the benefits or else suffer the consequences of buying something that falls short of your expectations.

Living Textiles Baby Smart-Dri™ Cradle Mattress Protector

With a four-layer design, this mattress helps with wetness and ventilation, allowing baby to sleep safely and soundly. The mattress is fitted with non-toxic waterproof film called the Smart-Dri™ that makes sure the area is always clean. It is covered with 100% cotton covering, one that is engineered with Liv-Tex™ technology, for a truly high quality mattress.

Strobel Organic Waterbed Stand Up Liner

This is a vinyl liner that you can put around your waterbed mattress as a safety liner. Tuck this properly unto the frame for a more desirable fit and protection. This is actually very useful for all waterbeds.

Comfort Pedic Loft Mattress

The Comfort Pedic Loft mattress is made of next generation technology that includes a contour flex edge support system and a thick NxG memory foam top layer. It makes sure that suspension to the foam is enhanced and that the person can reap the benefits of sleeping on a quality mattress such as this. The mattress also has a triton foundation which makes it more durable and reduces motion.

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