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ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

Canadian mattress maker, Zedbed, is offering a wonderful option for those seeking to purchase a new mattress in this part of Northern America. The company offers a special type of memory foam mattress that comes with features that consumers can customize according to their choosing. Dubbed the Oasis Flex Mattress, the bed itself is already unique and impressive in its style. Done in bold black and white prints, the Oasis Flex Mattress offers the ability for its users to pick parts of the bed into the kind they require, thus making this bed all the more appealing.

Sheex TheraGel Mattress Topper

Add a layer of softness and comfort to your mattress with this gel mattress and memory foam called TheraGel. It’s a pretty special mattress topper because aside from the supportive properties found in a gel and memory foam mattress, the foam has a lilac additive that helps with neutralizing mattress odor. The foam bad is also covered in a superb polyester fabric that’s treated with hypoallergenic components that makes sleeping fresher and healthier. The foam also has an oval mesh composition that allows for proper air flow. Thus, sleeping on it would be such a cooler experience.

NovosBed Harmony Memory Foam Gel Mattress

This mattress comes with a sturdy foundation, but because it also has gel memory foam structure, it provides a softer, cooler sleeping space that allows the body to sink in better than the average memory foam. Its firmness is comparable to a spring mattress. The bounce back rate is also faster, which means that if you are prone to back problems, you can enjoy the best of soft and firm mattress conditions.

Are Modern Mattresses Really Better?

Should you give up on your old mattress from the late 80’s or the 90’s and get a current, more technologically advanced mattress?

In the past, mattresses were made very basic and simple. Springs and several cotton paddings were all it took to manufacture these. They were also priced a lot cheaper.

Zen Bedrooms’ Dorm Mattress

The dorm mattress from Zen Bedrooms is designed for students who have a budget when it comes to buying mattresses, but would also prefer a comfortable bed. To enjoy the best of both worlds, the dorm mattress offers memory foam comfort for a price that is a bit lower than usual.

Vivon Life Mattress

Vivon Life is from Zinus, Inc., maker of bed and sleep products since 2003. Its based in San Leandro, California, with facilities in China, and its releasing a new mattress program for its Vivon Life Mattress at the Las Vegas Market this summer.

The program is geared towards retailers who may be interested in competitive pricing that will also include delivery options and packaging. The idea is to help retailers save on costs, as the company is also introducing its online shop.

Hydraluxe Gel Mattress Pad

The latest in mattress technology includes pads that are gel-infused, which provides a massaging and therapeutic effect when a person sleeps on it. The mattress pad is the best solution for someone who usually sleeps hot, such as women who are going through menopause, or men who cannot be comfortable with just a memory foam or firm mattress.

The YuMe Mattress for Temperature Controlled Bed

The YūMē™ is a mattress that is designed for comfort. With its soy based core, the mattress provides proper support that also helps the body distribute its weight so evenly. Its also made of memory foam that helps relieve pressure and shock, allowing the body to rest better. The foam is insulated, yet delivers optimal ventilation. And unlike regular foams, it also allows for the proper circulation of air, thus making the sleep surface cooler.

Campbell Mattress At High Point Market

Despite being in the business for almost more than 80 years as a mattress manufacturer, Campbell Mattress was present at the High Point Market recently. The company presented four of its premiere collections of middle-end mattress products including the Posture Form mattress, which is featured with gel memory foam and eurotop. The bed is also featrured with a VertiCoil Edge innerspring technology. This mattress retails for about $699 for the queen.

Inclined Mattress Topper

Suffering from sinus congestions when you sleep? Do you snore loudly, disturbing your partner during your slumber? This inclined mattress topper could help.

This mattress’ upper part is slightly raised so that as you sleep on it, the body is also angled to a certain position. Apparently, when you sleep this way, it helps with relieving sinus passages, thus keeping it from getting congested. You snore less and you get through the night better.

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