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ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

Canadian mattress maker, Zedbed, is offering a wonderful option for those seeking to purchase a new mattress in this part of Northern America. The company offers a special type of memory foam mattress that comes with features that consumers can customize according to their choosing. Dubbed the Oasis Flex Mattress, the bed itself is already unique and impressive in its style. Done in bold black and white prints, the Oasis Flex Mattress offers the ability for its users to pick parts of the bed into the kind they require, thus making this bed all the more appealing.

Mattress Trend for 2014

What can be expected from the mattress industry this 2014?

According to the experts, growth for specialty mattresses that will feature hybrid styles and innovations will continue to become the primary focus for many of the players. We’ve seen how much cooling gels have risen in demand in the past years, and it’s most likely going to escalate this year. In particular, manufacturers will be developing and coming up with mattress products that help with making the sleep environment cooler or warmer, depending on the climate, especially since the weather, of late, continues to become so unpredictable.

Sleep Innovations Gel Foam Mattress Topper

This Sleep Innovations product is gel mattress topper that provides superior relief and support for muscle and joint pains, as well as pressure points. Only two inches thick but infused with gel on the foam, this helps the body’s weight get evenly distributed when sleeping. It also helps with the shaping of the body on to the mattress, as the gel helps in conforming to the body’s contours. Having a gel mattress topper also helps with proper spinal alignment, correcting posture as you lie down the bed.

Sheex TheraGel Mattress Topper

Add a layer of softness and comfort to your mattress with this gel mattress and memory foam called TheraGel. It’s a pretty special mattress topper because aside from the supportive properties found in a gel and memory foam mattress, the foam has a lilac additive that helps with neutralizing mattress odor. The foam bad is also covered in a superb polyester fabric that’s treated with hypoallergenic components that makes sleeping fresher and healthier. The foam also has an oval mesh composition that allows for proper air flow. Thus, sleeping on it would be such a cooler experience.

Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

The Red Nomad is manufactured using memory foam mattress that is certified by CertiPUR-US®, which guarantees it is of high quality. It’s supposed to have low emission, with durability and performance that is expected to last for many, many years.

The Big One Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The Big One topper makes use of memory foam technology to help with the relief of pressure points when sleeping. As with all types of quality memory foam, this topper conforms to the body’s shape well, enabling one to get ample rest and sleep. The pad is about an inch and a half thick. When added to an existing bed, it instantly changes the way the bed feels. The foam is made of high density material, which is what’s needed so that proper support is delivered.

The Wrong Mattress To Buy If You Are Prone to Allergies

The weather during winter season usually exarcerbates allergies, making one feel very uncomfortable and unable to sleep well at night. For many people, the culprit could be the mattress, particularly when this mattress is construction as a traditional innerspring mattress.

Why is this type of mattress bad for people with allergies?

Verona Memory Foam Mattress

The Verona Mattress offers three key features that make up an ideal mattress: comfort, support and durability.

It is made of a stretch-knit cover that makes the surface cooler, while the gel-infused memory foam brings pressure relief, making sleep more comfortable. The foam also offers great support as it cradles the body and adjusts well into its body shape. On top of that, it is also made up of a high density foam core set against a flexible steel foundation, ensuring that the bed will remain sturdy over the years.

Beautyrest Twin XL TruEnergy Mattress Set

Achieve exceptional sleep with this Eurotop inspired mattress from Beautyrest.

It comes with an AirCool™ Mesh Border that helps with the mattress’ breathability, making sleep a lot more comfortable, as air breezes through the body, circulating better. The TruEnergy also comes with a GelTouch™ and Energy Foam layer, making it more luxuriously comfortable to sleep on.

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