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Bad Business Practice: Moldy Mattresses Sold at Atlanta Store

Despite warnings and alerts from concerned agencies on the danger of selling used mattress or contaminated mattresses, there are still some stores who practice this badly with consumers ending up buying soiled mattresses for the price of a brand new one.

It’s deceptive really. Which is why there is a law against selling this mattresses and those responsible could be liable with a fine or a jail time.

The Importance of Reading Buyer Guides Before Buying Mattresses

How long before your newly purchased mattress develops lumps and becomes saggy? A survey among consumers say that in spite the warranty and assurance that it would remain firm for more than ten years, most mattress buyers end up disappointed. The lifespan of their mattresses only last them for three years.

Eco Mattress For Mom On Mother’s Day

It’s going to be Mother’s Day this weekend and what better way to show your appreciation than to give Mom a healthy eco-friendly mattress.

Wellness gurus and doctors suggest getting eight hours of sleep for one’s body to recuperate. However, if Mom has been sleeping on a mattress which has been made with chemically induced materials such as pesticides on its cotton fabric, it can be detrimental to her health.

Novaform Memory Foam With Gel Mattress

A memory foam mattress already makes use of advance technology but this Novaform mattress offers something much more improved. Its memory foam contains a gel-like substance that offers so much more support and comfort. The mattress reduces pressure points more effectively, allowing one to sleep faster and deeper or wake up feeling revitalized because of it.

Round Bed and Mattresses

The round bed with its round mattress first appeared in 1968 and was developed by Luigi Massoni. The bed was called the LULLABY DUE and it was part of Poltrona Frau Notte’s line-up.

Here is how it is described on Poltrona’s website:

Lullaby is a free-rolling bed, to locate as you please, thanks to its rotating round base. Luigi Massoni’s original design, back in 1968, was retrieved and revised with contemporary features to restore the freedom of that period but suit it to today’s bedroom, which tends to keep an increasing distance from rigid formats.Lullaby Dues’ headboard features a winged profile, cadenced by visible seams, with a steel structure and moulded polyurethane foam padding.This headboard is fitted to a rotating base that will move both clockwise and counter clockwise, thanks to the wheels fitted inside the base itself. The headboard and based are upholstered in Pelle FrauĀ® leather from the Frau Color System or Heritage leather.The platform and base are in multi-ply poplar, padded with polyurethane foam. Lullaby 2 uses Poltrona Frau Notte coordinated items, including a soft throw, specially designed to adapt to the round shape.

Sleep ID and Body Match by Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions, a trusted name in the bedding industry, has released a line of new brands of mattresses called the Sleep ID and Body Match. This line is actually a redesigning of one of its higher end lines known as the Delta Z series, with the new models inserted with regulating foams that adjusts temperature.

A Mattress Made Of Gold

I wonder what it feels like to sleep in gold.

This mattress is really extra ordinary. So extra ordinary that I’m sure if you own it, you’d have to insure it. That’s because this mattress is embroidered with real 22-karat gold.

Created by Stephanie Montaperto and made available through Magniflex, makers of one of the most expensive mattresses in the world, this golden mattress is also featured with antibacterial proprieties and temperature control as well as the Magniflex Memoform Core which adapts and conforms to the body’s shape. Sleep is supposedly very comforting and relaxing with this mattress.

High End Mattresses: Necessity or Splurge?

If you buy a high end mattress for your bedroom, does it necessarily follow that quality is already assured?

Many mattress producers often bank on hype in marketing their product. Some would convince you into believing that their mattress is something you really need. But the truth is you can do without high-end mattress. You can do without getting the right amount of sleep, which is so much more important, whatever mattress you are using.

Trouble Sleeping? Mattress Sharing May Be The Cause

Couples sleeping together or those who share their mattresses with another person may find themselves having trouble sleeping according to experts.

Because men and women apparently have different needs when it comes to what their bed must be feel like, sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can eventually disrupt sleep patterns.

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