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How Comfortable Are Gel Mattresses?

When it comes to severe back pains and other body pains that demand orthopedic solutions, experts say that sleeping on a gel mattress helps a lot better.

This kind of mattress is designed with gel columns in it, and are usually placed in a honeycomb pattern, resulting in a really comfortable bed that supports all of one’s weight efficiently.

Gold Bond Mattress Introduces Redesigned Premier Series

Gold Bond Mattress, which has been in the business since the late 1800’s, is coming out with a redesigned mattress line from their Premier Series. This collection is features mattresses that come with two sides.

The mattresses are especially handmade with about 850 innerspring coils supporting it. The redesigned collection comes with a striking fabric which has been lined with mircrosuede. The new line looks very modern and aesthetically a lot more pleasing.

Discarded Mattresses in Sunshine Coast Turned Into Art Pieces

Local street artists in Australia are putting a spin into mattresses that are found discarded on the streets. The are making use of these as canvas, painting on it and creating masterpieces and then put on display. To date, there have been about a dozen mattresses turned into fabulous art pieces in exhibition, attracting a lot of attention from passers by.

Canopy Bed Inspiration: Enignum Awning Bed

Some homeowners do with a simple bed and mattress for the bedroom. While others prefer an elaborately designed bed, much like an art piece.

If you have the dough to spend on a bed, as well as a spacious bedroom to put this in, I don’t doubt you would go for this Enignum Awning Bed designed by Joseph Walsh, a furniture designer from Ireland. Each bed designed patterned after this is customized and one of a kind.

Serta’s iComfort Memory Foam Campaign

Serta is going all out with support for its newest product innovation called the iComfort mattress. The company is going to launch a full-on ad campaign for this product with television commercials, as well as online campaigns and mobile campaigns. The company is also doing the rounds in social media forum such as Twitter and Facebook for this launch.

Cute Dog Beds & Mattress from Paul Frank

I normally don’t find branded pet mattresses that appealing. In most cases, the prices are a bit marked up because of the name that goes with it. But the style, form and design of the mattress is still the same. And besides, the dog which shall use it won’t even notice if it’s an expensive label or something generic.

The Importance of Reading Buyer Guides Before Buying Mattresses

How long before your newly purchased mattress develops lumps and becomes saggy? A survey among consumers say that in spite the warranty and assurance that it would remain firm for more than ten years, most mattress buyers end up disappointed. The lifespan of their mattresses only last them for three years.

This is literally a Green Mattress

When we say “green bed” or “green mattress” we know that this is a mattress made from sustainable materials or organic products. But this type of green bed takes the phrase in its literal sense, as this is bed is made of wood and a grass surface serves as its mattress.

Crazy Vertical Bed By Ernesto Neto

Ideally, this vertical bed was not designed for sleeping but it’s actually an art piece, which means it’s meant for display only. But I can’t seem to forget about how it looks though. Despite its unusual position — which, dare I say, vampires must really like since the bed is supposedly standing up vertically — the mattress’ big and bulky design seems very comfortable and soft to lie and sleep on.

A Rejuvenating Pillow For Mother’s Day

Sleep Innovation’s Rejuvenation pillow helps with achieving deep and relaxing sleep.

This pillow has been designed with the help of sleep scientists who were able to determine which positions and angles of the head and the neck is most favorable. Hence, the pillow comes with all the right contours to facilitate that.

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