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Bed Bug Body Guard™ Inspection Suit by Mattress Safe

The fight against bed bugs seems to be neverending as reports have it these pests have evolved to withstand bed bug pesticides and other ways of preventing it. Companies continue to come up with solutions to curbing this problem, year after year.

The latest innovation is from Mattress Safe, who has been making mattress alternatives that cater to this specific problem. Below is the news release for Bed Bug Body Guard.

Pest management professionals have relied on bed bug certified mattress and box spring encasements from Mattress Safe® as an integral component of their bed bug combat strategy.

Now Mattress Safe, Inc. is happy to provide the pest management industry with a new tool in the fight against bed bug infestation. Any pest management professional who has treated for bed bugs knows that these pest are exceptional hitch-hikers. The new Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit by Mattress Safe® provides technicians in the field protection from these pest during a treatment as well as a method to detect and an aid preventing bed bugs from traveling home with the technician.

Pest management professionals can be assured they are protecting themselves and their families from transporting bed bugs from infested locations. Included with each Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit, Mattress Safe® also supplies a LaundrySafe™ encasement for washing and storage. When leaving the site of a bed bug treatment, the technician can remove the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit and store it in the LaundrySafe™ encasement. With Mattress Safe’s Patented “Zipper with the Hook” ™ (US Patent No. 7,849,543) Technicians can feel safe that any bed bugs that missed detection are quarantined inside the LaundrySafe™ encasement. After each use, the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit can be washed and dried which will kill any bed bugs sealed inside of the LaundrySafe™ encasement.

Because the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit is washable and reusable, pest management companies can reduce the expensive costs of replacing other disposable type body suits. With a soft stretch-knit fabric, users will find a new level of comfort and durability over other types of suits.

Mattress Safe provides the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit in 3 sizes: Small / Medium, Large / X-Large & 2X Large. Suitable for multiple types of pest inspection the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit should be the first line of defense in any treatment program. Combined with a full line of bed bug certified mattress, box spring and furniture encasements, Mattress Safe® provides pest management professionals with a complete solution to an integrated bed bug program.

For more information about the Bed Bug Body Guard™ Inspection Suit or bed bug certified mattress and furniture encasements, please visit http://www.MattressSafe.com or contact our office toll free at 1-888-405-5335 or email to: info(at)mattresssafe(dot)com.

Somnium Mattress

This is being branded as the “fitness equipment” at night and is designed for athletes and invidiuals who are active in their lifestyle. The mattress is aligned perfectly, so that sleep and movement is comfortable when someone is laying down on it.

Inside the foundation are springs that Somnium says encourages spooning. The spring support isn’t made of metal, which makes movement less disturbing, especially if you’re sleeping with another person in bed.

Organic Outer Selene Pillowtop Mattress

So named after the Titan Moon Goddess, Selene, this pillowtop allows for the best sleep “under the moonlight” so to speak. It offers deep, comfortable sleep, with its featured innerspring support, known to be very firm. Or it’s removable extra 2″ soft top. With these options, you pick out the sleep surface that’s best for you.

Olympic Village Beds in London Too Short and Small For Some Athletes

A good night’s sleep is important for athletes, especially if they want to do really well during a competition the next day, but with the bed situation in London’s Olympic Village, for this year’s event, isn’t ideal for many of those who are sleeping there.

The size of the beds in this temporary apartment for some Olympic residents measure at 5’8″, which is a lot shorter than the average size of men athletes from many of the countries being represented.

InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™

Bed technology in today’s times have really improved but long before memory foams and gel mattresses were developed, people seeking comfortable sleep rely on waterbeds best. The technology for waterbeds, over time, have also improved, especially with the launch of InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™.

Fun Transformable Pads

This product hasn’t been out yet in the market yet, but it has loads of potential. It’s tagline “transformable pad for lazy living” definitely fits the product so well, but I like that it also means lazy living as bonding time with the family.

The pad is called the Blandito and it is a multifucntional pad that works for everyone in the family. It doesn’t say, however, what these pads are made from. But you can watch out for its release here.

Cashmere Supreme 2500

This bed comes with a memory foam layer and is supported by a 2500 pocketed springs. It sounds already ultra comfortable as it is. But in addition to this, the mattress also has cashmere on it, hence it is softer and smoother to the skin. It’s also great support and shock absorption.

Comfort on one side and support on the other side.

ChiliPad Hot and Cool Control System

This ChiliPad mattress comes with two types of control and is perfect for pairs that sleep in one bed together, but actually have different preferences. One side of this mattress is for the individual who loves a warmer temperature in bed, while another side is for the sleeper who’d like to keep cool.

Slipper-Sock Play Mattress

Designed by Mathilde Brétillot, this slipper-sock play mattress is an innovative idea for making kid furniture fun and useful. Although it does look quite small, the size is just perfect for little kids. It appeals to them as well, as the play mattress itself, with its tubes and its stripes, look intriguing and interesting. This slipper-sock play mattress is distributed by Collégien, a French brand.

Cool Cloud Sleep System from The Futon Shop

Gel mattress trend is indeed flooding the market, for you can find futons with a gel mattress now.

The Futon Shop in San Francisco is releasing their Cool Cloud Sleep System, which features a ton of specialty futons with the gel and memory foam technology.

The mattresses are also made with eco-friendly materials derived from soy.

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