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DreamDNA Queen Mattress Topper

DreamDNA Queen Mattress Topper

The texture and detail in this mattress topper is so well-defined, it would be hard not to notice it. Infused with gel properties, this mattress topper offers a more restful and cooler option, and can give a bed new life by improving sagging areas of an old mattress.

This topper is only two inches thick, but because of its gel properties, mixed with memory foam properties, the mattress topper is able to conform and support the body. Thus, it eliminates painful back problems and pressure points when sleeping. The gel infusion with the memory foam also provides a cooler sleep area that helps prevent night sweats or make the quality of sleep better.

Sleep Innovations Gel Foam Mattress Topper

This Sleep Innovations product is gel mattress topper that provides superior relief and support for muscle and joint pains, as well as pressure points. Only two inches thick but infused with gel on the foam, this helps the body’s weight get evenly distributed when sleeping. It also helps with the shaping of the body on to the mattress, as the gel helps in conforming to the body’s contours. Having a gel mattress topper also helps with proper spinal alignment, correcting posture as you lie down the bed.

Sheex TheraGel Mattress Topper

Add a layer of softness and comfort to your mattress with this gel mattress and memory foam called TheraGel. It’s a pretty special mattress topper because aside from the supportive properties found in a gel and memory foam mattress, the foam has a lilac additive that helps with neutralizing mattress odor. The foam bad is also covered in a superb polyester fabric that’s treated with hypoallergenic components that makes sleeping fresher and healthier. The foam also has an oval mesh composition that allows for proper air flow. Thus, sleeping on it would be such a cooler experience.

Inclined Mattress Topper

Suffering from sinus congestions when you sleep? Do you snore loudly, disturbing your partner during your slumber? This inclined mattress topper could help.

This mattress’ upper part is slightly raised so that as you sleep on it, the body is also angled to a certain position. Apparently, when you sleep this way, it helps with relieving sinus passages, thus keeping it from getting congested. You snore less and you get through the night better.

The Privacy Pop Bed

This isn’t so much a real bed, as it is actually a tent you can unfold to reveal a lavishly structured bed.

Meant for outdoor use, to make camping quite comfortable, someone else might have a different idea for this privacy pop bed and use this as extra room in the house. It’s possible, since the bed does look like a comfortable room. And even the manufacturer says that it can actually work as a room, such as in a dormitory.

Cozelle Zoned Mattress Topper With Stain Release

Perhaps you will never expect to find a mattress topper, or any bedding items for that matter, in a store like ShopNBC, but surprise, surprise…there are quite a few in their selection.

This particular mattress topper, for instance, is exclusively made and distributed for the shopping site by bedding company North Shore Linens. The Cozelle mattress topper has a zoned construction that will help enhance sleep. The larger areas, such as the back of the body have large boxes sewn and quilted on it, while smaller boxes provide comfort for the limbs and legs. These boxes are filled with fiberfill.

ErgoSmart Mattress Toppers

Carpenter Co. comes up with the Isotonic® ErgoSmartâ„¢ mattress topper last month at the New York Home Fashions Market. The product, which will be available beginning 2013, has been developed to cater to a variety of needs by consumers. It’s made to withstand movements and shifts in positions while sleeping, making the sleep surface comfortable for partners sleeping in one bed. It also has an air ventilation system that the company says is “light-years ahead of other technologies.”

Video: ChiliPad Operational Overview

Video: ChiliPad Operational Overview

You’ve probably heard of the ChiliPad. We’ve had it featured on this blog once or twice already. And this is a video of how the pad actually works. But for those of you who have not yet com across this, the ChiliPad is a mattress topper that comes with its own heat controlled feature, which means that you can switch it on and off, so that you can have a warmer or cooler sleep space.

The Natural Mat Top Mattress

Instantly turn your baby’s crib mattress into an organic sanctuary by adding this top mattress from Natural Mat. What this is, is basically a mattress topper for the crib, which you can put in between the mattress and the baby’s sheet.

The Top Mat is made of two layers of organic lambswool. It is breathable and provides the crib with good ventilation. The mattress topper has also been treated with lavender, lemon and eucalyptus essential oils for protection against dust mites and bed bugs, as well as allergens.

How To Create A Five Star Bed At Home

There is no doubt that many of us are looking to sleep in a bed that provides us with utmost comfort and rest. In most cases, luxury hotel beds offer these. But you can create a bedroom environment just like it, by following these simple tips:

Mattress – no matter what brand you have, the most important thing to consider with mattresses is that it must be something that your body is comfortable with. There are several types of mattresses, with several designs. Not every mattress works for you and only you can tell if a mattress actually fits so snuggly with what you prefer.

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