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How Often Should Mattress Be Replaced?

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is solely relied upon in the type of mattress you use, according to a spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council. The group has, time and again, said that mattress replacement should be considered within 5 to 10 years of purchasing the mattress, as this may be the cause of back and joint pains, as well as the inability to get proper sleep.

Simmons’ Recharge Beautyrest Mattress Coming Soon

Simmons’ Beautyrest mattress has been the brand’s top selling specialty mattress for many years now. The company recently reinvented the line with its new models, set to be showcased at the 2013 Hospitality Design Expo and Conference in Las Vegas.

Simmons has the hotel industry as target market for this,  as comfort and support provided by hotel mattresses expectedly decrease over a short period.  Yet it’s important for hotels to provide guests with the most comfortable beds, thus mattress replacement happens quite often at hotels.

Take Advantage of May’s Best Sales With Mattresses

Mattresses are lifetime investments, similar to when you consider buying a car or a house. Because you spend most of your life in bed, choosing a mattress that will make your sleep worthwhile is something that should be of great concern. It’s a necessity, as it matters to your health and well-being.

Tips to Avoid Bed Bug Infestation at the College Dorm

It’s almost back to school and this week, many college kids are heading off to their dorms, sprucing up their new places. Bed bug infestation is very common in the university. And you can avoid this by being prepared and cautious and doing the following:

Inspecting the new room also means inspecting the new mattress, if the dorm has provided you with this. Pay close attention to the seams of it. Also check the bed frame itself, including the headboard and the screws. If you can smell something or see a hint or sign of bug infestation, request for a mattress replacement. If the university can’t provide a replacement, better get your own and buy a new one. Be aware of where you are sprawling. You may be napping or sitting on someone else’s bed at the dorm, and without knowing it, bring the bed bug inside your own room. Alert the school, via the RA, when you do suspect there are bed bugs at the dorm. Consider buying mattress protectors, for an extra layer or barrier for protection.

Be Aware of Mattress Replacement Policies

A woman from Berkeley California bought a mattress from the McRoskey Mattress Company and found herself very unsatisfied with it. Because of the company’s 30 day return policy, she was unable to immediately get a replacement. But with the assistance of a media entity, the mattress company’s president even arranged for the exchange.

Do you need a new mattress?

Do you need a new mattress?

The best person to tell you if you need a new mattress is none other than yourself. Here’s a checklist to determine whether or not it’s time for a replacement.

Is your mattress more than 8 years old? Are you still feeling comfortable with your current mattress? Do you wake up feeling all kinds of aches and pain in your body? Do you wake up tired, rather than rejuvenated? Does your body have numbness in the shoulder area when you wake up? Do you have trouble getting to sleep because of too much fidgeting in bed? Does your mattress have lumps? Uneven surface? Holes? Torn stitching? Are you becoming more and more allergic? Are you bothered when your partner moves on the bed?
Peter Guild Sofa Mattress Solution

Peter Guild Sofa Mattress Solution

If you own a Peter Guild sofa mattress and you need the mattress replacement for wear and tear, Life and Health Section of The Guardian has this tip:

Peter Guild no longer makes sofa beds, and replacement mattresses are hard to source – the assumption seems to be that people just buy a whole new sofa bed.Martin Cave at Peter Cook International, a supplier of furniture components and accessories, is optimistic that he can help, provided the folding mechanism (ie, the number of times the mattress folds in on itself when you put it away) matches what they have in stock.

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