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Mattress Idea: Twist Your Own Mattress

There’s an e-book being sold on Etsy that providesĀ a new way of having a mattress that works either as an extra sleeping space or a play area, especially for a house with kids.

The e-book provides a step by step instruction to the Twist DIY Mattress, and it enumerates how to build this from scratch, with any materials of your choosing.

Interchangeable Wool Furniture

Wool has the reputation for being sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s also low maintenance and very conducive to against weather changes, most especially during cold spells.

This ingenious idea from designer of Patricia Urquiola, who is famous for her Mangas Rugs, is another way of revolutionizing how one can dress up the house interiors with practical and comfortable furniture.

How To Tell A Good Quality Latex Mattress From A Bad One

The market is filled with different brands of latex mattresses, sold at different prices. Admittedly, when you say latex mattress, you expect a product that is not only high in quality, but also priced quite expensively than regular mattresses. Choosing one that gives you full value for your money is important, because buying latex mattresses is not just an expense you decide on a whim. You would have to be stuck with this mattress for a really long time as well.

Bed In A Red Dress

The parade of weird bed designs doesn’t stop here on Mattresszine and today I found this one, a bed that’s all dressed up as if it was set to go to a ball or something.

This bed is seen in a fashion hotel in Milan called the Maison Moschino.

I’ve not yet been inside a fashion hotel so I don’t have any idea how different it is from a regular hotel. But you can probably imagine that the place would be teeming with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing pieces. And this bed in a dress is just one example.

Serta Tranquil Sands Eurotop Mattress

With a luxury knit cover, fireshield protection and systemic fiber, plus memory foam with advance quilting, what more do you need from a mattress like this one? It cozy and soft. It’s made of non toxic materials that is safe for every family member and it helps reduce tossing and turning at night.

Analog Electric Blankets

Although these are analog electric blankets, they still come featured with a 10-hour auto shut off controller. The blanket provides warmth thanks to its polyester and acrylic composition. Banding is done in satin material, which delivers smoothness. This also has a five year warranty.

Midwest Container Beds Reversible Pet Bed

Though quite a thin layer, this pet bed is made of very comfortable materials like synthetic sheepskin and fur. It’s stuffed with polyfiber as well, thus the pet mattress is softer to sleep on. This mattress can fit into a dog crate. Dimension: 23x17x2.

Vyssa Sloa

An extendable mattress which is very useful for a child who is still growing. It’s made of two sides, with one flat and the other with its eggbox shape. The mattress is covered with a breathable jersey material.

Superwash Waterproof Towelling Mattress Protect

This mattress protector is made of 100% pure cotton pile and polycotton skirt. It’s great for putting on to the bed to protect it from liquid and other undesirables that may make your sleep space less comfortable. The material makes it a lot more cooler.

Low Foundation Natural Care Mattress

Low Foundation Natural Care Mattress

The Natural Care Mattress is designed by Simmons from raw materials that are made of eco-friendly substances like soy foam and natural latex. This mattress is durable, hypoallergenic, soothing and resilient.

It’s low support design makes it a very comfortable mattress and it’s extra thick so it comes with a really rigid foundation.

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