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The Bellavita

When it comes to bed designs, the Italians seem to never run out of ways to innovate it. Take for instance this Bellavita bed, which is hardly what you would call traditional.

The bed looks as if it’s all just a bunch of big pillows, with the headboard also designed in foam. These foams are seamless, but quilted, so that it keeps the form together despite the absence of actual, solid metal or wood frames. Thick upholstery serves as an added layer that protects what’s inside. But at the same time, it also lends an aesthetic appeal to the design as it can be made into different colors.

Zen Bedrooms’ Dorm Mattress

The dorm mattress from Zen Bedrooms is designed for students who have a budget when it comes to buying mattresses, but would also prefer a comfortable bed. To enjoy the best of both worlds, the dorm mattress offers memory foam comfort for a price that is a bit lower than usual.

Vivon Life Mattress

Vivon Life is from Zinus, Inc., maker of bed and sleep products since 2003. Its based in San Leandro, California, with facilities in China, and its releasing a new mattress program for its Vivon Life Mattress at the Las Vegas Market this summer.

The program is geared towards retailers who may be interested in competitive pricing that will also include delivery options and packaging. The idea is to help retailers save on costs, as the company is also introducing its online shop.

The YuMe Mattress for Temperature Controlled Bed

The YūMē™ is a mattress that is designed for comfort. With its soy based core, the mattress provides proper support that also helps the body distribute its weight so evenly. Its also made of memory foam that helps relieve pressure and shock, allowing the body to rest better. The foam is insulated, yet delivers optimal ventilation. And unlike regular foams, it also allows for the proper circulation of air, thus making the sleep surface cooler.

Sleep Positions and Your Mattress

Your favorite sleeping position can matter to what kind of mattress you should get, if you’re considering of replacing your current one. Picking the wrong type of mattress could affect your comfort level and sleeplessness. It’s only right to take  your sleeping position into account, as different parts or sides to your body come in contact with the mattress.

Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillow

Ever wake up with your pillow all wet and sweaty? Sometimes, using the wrong kind of pillow can greatly affect the quality of sleep, which is why investing in a pillows is also as practical and as sound as investing in a mattress.

Take a look at this…

With its revolutionary pillow construction, Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillows promise to make sleep a lot more healthier and satisfactory. The pillow’s foam contains gel and a proprietary open-cell structure, thus delivering a plushy and inviting texture that makes sleeping on it really feel good.

Serenity Firm Mattress

A very low maintenance mattress that does not require flipping, this is made with a wooden foundation out of dried kiln and has a split type support and done as a low profile bed for utmost comfort. The construction has been done to make sure that the mattress’ life is long and enduring to many years of use.

Focus on Mattress Recycling Efforts

If you’re wondering what these are, these are piles of foams and fibers from mattresses that are set to be recycled.

In a story done by the New York Times, many are beginning to get involved with recycling programs that makes use of these mattress parts, including the springs, coils and wood of the bed’s frame, into other items. When the mattress is no longer in use, in most cases, it’s left to rot at landfills where it really is slowly filling up the space.

IRIS: Colorful Rainbow Furniture

Want an instant lift in the bedroom? You can easily do this by adding color with the help of accessories or furnishing, such as as this colored foams that has been put together to resemble a couch or a lounge bed.

Designed by Lubo Majer for Company DIZAJNO, this rainbow-inspired furniture serves not just to brighten a room, it’s also functional as a seating or a resting place. It makes up seven elements of the colors of the rainbow, and is anchored by a table with a glass plate that mimics water drops of the rain.

InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™

Bed technology in today’s times have really improved but long before memory foams and gel mattresses were developed, people seeking comfortable sleep rely on waterbeds best. The technology for waterbeds, over time, have also improved, especially with the launch of InnoMax’s Frame Free™ Perfections™ Sponge Bed™.

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