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DreamDNA Queen Mattress Topper

DreamDNA Queen Mattress Topper

The texture and detail in this mattress topper is so well-defined, it would be hard not to notice it. Infused with gel properties, this mattress topper offers a more restful and cooler option, and can give a bed new life by improving sagging areas of an old mattress.

This topper is only two inches thick, but because of its gel properties, mixed with memory foam properties, the mattress topper is able to conform and support the body. Thus, it eliminates painful back problems and pressure points when sleeping. The gel infusion with the memory foam also provides a cooler sleep area that helps prevent night sweats or make the quality of sleep better.

The Best Ways To Clean Pillows

Cleaning a mattress, though vacuuming or using mattress shampoos (regardless if its homemade or store bought), is something that many homeowners do these days. The process is especially helpful for getting rid of bed bugs and keeping the mattress fresh and well-cared for. Cleaning pillows, however, is more often than not, usually disregarded. When was the last time you’ve done this?

Sleep Wedge Mattress Pad

When you find yourself uncomfortable while sleeping, a better mattress might just won’t do. You would need an accessory like this wedged mattress pad to aid you in your sleep, especially if you’re suffering from physical conditions that lets lying down on your back just really uncomfortable. With a wedge mattress pad, conditions like snoring and heartburn are lessened, if not completely eliminated. Simply sliding this under your space, either covered on the sheet or set directly under your back, and you can instantly feel the difference.

Simmons Unveils ComfortPedic iQ

Simmons is releasing a new mattress line that is said to be “self-adjusting”. Called the ComfortPediq iQ, the mattress will bear the endorsement of Dr. Andrew Weil from the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine based in the University of Arizona Health Sciences Center.

An Armchair Made From Mattress

Dubbed the Huggy Armchair, this whimsical creation features a mattress, in multiple color at that, wrapped around a base that is shaped like a basin or drum. The result is like a wafer cone seater that can actually be broken down into a single bed. It’s a modern and creative solution for small spaces. And it’s quite practical, too.

The Bellavita

When it comes to bed designs, the Italians seem to never run out of ways to innovate it. Take for instance this Bellavita bed, which is hardly what you would call traditional.

The bed looks as if it’s all just a bunch of big pillows, with the headboard also designed in foam. These foams are seamless, but quilted, so that it keeps the form together despite the absence of actual, solid metal or wood frames. Thick upholstery serves as an added layer that protects what’s inside. But at the same time, it also lends an aesthetic appeal to the design as it can be made into different colors.

Maximizing Your Air Mattress

Many households today make use of an air mattress or an air bed as a sleeping option because they are relatively inexpensive and very convenient to have around the house. While this type of mattress is but a temporary solution, there are ways you can do in order to make the most out of it.

EA Memory Foam

For a perfect night of sleep, this memory foam mattress conforms to the body and makes sure that it doesn’t leave any impressions (which will eventually sag the mattress). This has been engineered with fiber technology with coating and is made very durable. The mattress come with quilted damask.

Seat To Sleep

A comfy chair that’s designed to be as soft and comfortable as a mattress, this furniture reclines into a flat surface and becomes an extra bed for guests. The foam also comes with metal frames, so that it’s durable and comfortable to sleep on. 31″ wide x 84.5″ long x 6.5″ high.

Col-Letto Bed

Awarded this year’s Elle Decor International Design honors, the Col-letto bed is designed as a cozy sanctuary with a turtleneck frame that’s made from foam. This frame can be rolled up or down, depending on your preference. Some days you may want to sleep in a crib-like environment and roll this. Other days, you may want to sleep with its flap down. It’s actually fun and very inventive, don’t you think?

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