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ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

ZedBed Oasis Flex Mattress

Canadian mattress maker, Zedbed, is offering a wonderful option for those seeking to purchase a new mattress in this part of Northern America. The company offers a special type of memory foam mattress that comes with features that consumers can customize according to their choosing. Dubbed the Oasis Flex Mattress, the bed itself is already unique and impressive in its style. Done in bold black and white prints, the Oasis Flex Mattress offers the ability for its users to pick parts of the bed into the kind they require, thus making this bed all the more appealing.

Sheex TheraGel Mattress Topper

Add a layer of softness and comfort to your mattress with this gel mattress and memory foam called TheraGel. It’s a pretty special mattress topper because aside from the supportive properties found in a gel and memory foam mattress, the foam has a lilac additive that helps with neutralizing mattress odor. The foam bad is also covered in a superb polyester fabric that’s treated with hypoallergenic components that makes sleeping fresher and healthier. The foam also has an oval mesh composition that allows for proper air flow. Thus, sleeping on it would be such a cooler experience.

NovosBed Harmony Memory Foam Gel Mattress

This mattress comes with a sturdy foundation, but because it also has gel memory foam structure, it provides a softer, cooler sleeping space that allows the body to sink in better than the average memory foam. Its firmness is comparable to a spring mattress. The bounce back rate is also faster, which means that if you are prone to back problems, you can enjoy the best of soft and firm mattress conditions.

Linenspa 4″ Folding Foam Mattress

A functional foam sofa that easily converts into a sleeping mattress, this is ideal for small spaces, dorm rooms, or houses that require extra sleeping spaces with guests over. It’s also ideal for camping or picnics. Designed with a trifold mark, this foam mattress is portable, as it is lightweight and convenient to pack and carry around. The foam is fitted with handles so that it can be transported.

The Dangers of a Leaky Air Mattress

Be careful when using an air mattress. Make sure that this has no leaks and check for any holes or gash before you use it. And if you think that there are leaks, don’t even attempt to repair this if you have no experience with fixing air mattress holes.

Turn Your Bed Into A Cooler Sanctuary

It’s the middle of summer and days are hotter, while nights are becoming more humid. It’s harder to sleep on the bed, especially if your room isn’t airconditioned. This is where a good mattress becomes a primary requisite for any home.

Saltea Ortopedica Perfect Comfort Mattress

The Perfect Comfort Mattress from Romanian mattress company Saltea Ortopedica features two types of foam mattress. One is meant to address comfort while sleeping, while the other is meant to make the mattress highly resilient, so that it last for years and years of use while maintaining its quality.

Hickory Springs Hi Flo Foam

Hickory Springs is releaseing a top of the ine foam product which many bedding manufacturers will have plent of use for.

The new mattress comes with extra width and provides additional air flow. It can be rolled onto the sheets, allowing for a cooler sleep area. The foam also does not require any more treating, hence the foam is breathable, comfortable, and comes in many configurations. Simply put, with this foam mattress, production can be simplified, but the quality for consumers is still the same.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Not all mattresses are made the same. The presence of a number of models and designs are proof of this, despite other people saying that mattresses do not really differ from each other.

If you plan on buying mattresses, there are many tips to choosing the right one posted all across this site. But we should also address what other important things to look for, other than comfort level, softness or firmness, because sometimes, these are the ones that are easily overlooked.

If you’re choosing to go with a spring mattress for example, it pays to be wary of the support system and the compression of the mattress because these are two key elements that will most likely wear out right away. If you’re looking to buy a foam mattress, be particular about its compression and density. Foam mattresses that have lower density are more likely to be prone to defects. If you’re going to go with adjustable beds or sleep number beds, make sure that the pumps, controls and other additions are made of good quality and will not malfunction, especially since these are additional items that may not be easily replaced.

ZedBed Eco-Mattress

Zedbed, a foam mattress company based in Quebec, Canada with operations for about a decade, is introducing a new line of mattresses that are made with the latest in foam technology.

The SnowPedic which is a soy based mattress with cooling gel crystals. The bed provides instant relief for the sleeper and comes with the Autumn Steel COOLMAX Fabric providing maximum coolness and comfort. It also has Mocha Microfiber to the sides, that not only helps with the aesthetics, it also comes with cooling properties.

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