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Pure & Simple Natural Dual Firm Crib Mattress

Even with so many health and medical advancements, SIDS is still a real threat among infants. Studies have shown that one of the leading causes of SIDS is in the toxic chemicals found on the mattress the baby sleeps on. So, new parents are encourage to invest in a greener and healthier type of crib mattress to assure that the baby’s safety. One such mattress is this affordable natural crib mattress from Pure & Simple.

Latest Latex Mattress Buying Guide via Consumer Mattress Reports

The Consumer Mattress Reports has released a latex mattress checklist for those considering making a purchase of the latest latex mattress anytime soon.

As you already know, there are many different brands and types of latex mattress in the market and its choices can be overwhelming, especially for a consumer who is bent on buying a mattress that will be used for many, many years. It makes buying more difficult to do because no one wants to be stuck with a bad mattress for that long. However, most prudent consumers only have to do their homework and put care and thought to mattress buying and this is where the checklist from the Consumer Mattress Report will come in handy.

Jamison Bedding’s English Garden Collection

Jamison Bedding is bringing their English Garden bed collection to the High Point market in Las Vegas. This set is inspired by English gardens with colorful and serene shades, as well as interesting prints and symmetries. The collection is quite well-known, with its attractive visuals and its proven quality, comfort and durability. Jameson has been in the business of mattress manufacturing since the late 1880’s, and its tradition has been carried over for centuries.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Not all mattresses are made the same. The presence of a number of models and designs are proof of this, despite other people saying that mattresses do not really differ from each other.

If you plan on buying mattresses, there are many tips to choosing the right one posted all across this site. But we should also address what other important things to look for, other than comfort level, softness or firmness, because sometimes, these are the ones that are easily overlooked.

If you’re choosing to go with a spring mattress for example, it pays to be wary of the support system and the compression of the mattress because these are two key elements that will most likely wear out right away. If you’re looking to buy a foam mattress, be particular about its compression and density. Foam mattresses that have lower density are more likely to be prone to defects. If you’re going to go with adjustable beds or sleep number beds, make sure that the pumps, controls and other additions are made of good quality and will not malfunction, especially since these are additional items that may not be easily replaced.

Consumer Reports Releases Mattress Test Report

Recently, Consumer Reports, a non-profit organization, released a test report of different models of mattresses to help those looking to buy a new mattress with their choices. The organization went through over a dozen models, ranging from innerspring to foam mattresses and carrying a price tag that falls around $500 to $2,000.

Serta iSeries Mattress Sets, Moonlit Dream Tight Top Firm

One of Serta’s collection for this year, the Moonlit Dream features a cooling action with its comibination of memory foam and gel sleep surface. It’s mostly found on the center of the bed, where comfort is much required.

The mattress offers supportive and comfortable sleep with its individually-wrapped coils, so that even as your partner is moving or shifting in bed, your place on the other side remains undisturbed. The coils also provide the extra firmness that you will need from a bed.

Mattress Firm Buys Mattress Giant

For $47 Million, bedding specialty chain Mattress Firm has bought its ailing competitor Mattress Giant, to become the largest chain with up to 1000 stores across America. With this latest development, the company is now as massive as its other competitors, Select Comfort and Sleepy’s LLC.

The Latest from the Comfort Core Line by Leggett & Platt

Leggett & Platt has expanded its Comfort Core Line to bring four new models for its mattress line. The four models include the following names and types: Hi-Low, Combi- Zone, Quantum and Softech Mini. These models are supposedly more practical and affordable, but it provides the same quality and comfort as its other, more high-end types.

Astrabeds Comes Up With Customizable Latex Mattress

Astrabeds comes up with new latex mattresses in four models and types. The Sonoma, Serenity, Harmony and Solace mattresses are all high quality beds made of organic materials and manufactured using handcrafting techniques.

Sonoma is a 6-inch dunlop mattress type made with all natural comfort and support. This is a basic eco-friendly mattress and is great for those starting out.

3 Things To Consider When Buying A Crib Mattress

In the market for a crib mattress? Here are some things you must know before you set out and buy one….

First, crib mattresses usually come in two types — foam mattress and innerspring mattress. Of the two, the foam mattress are more affordable and lighter.

FOAM MATTRESSES. If you’re picking out foam mattresses, take note that higher density foam are more comfortable. Density, unfortunately, isn’t listed in the packaging or the label. You can usually only see the thickness (in inches) but that doesn’t indicate density. However, don’t pick out a mattress that is far to heavy, because it would be a hassle when you lift it as you change the crib sheets.

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