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Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

Mattress Myths: Are You Aware of Them?

A local TV affiliate from ABC ran this story around myths with mattress purchases and care, and how each consumer should be wise enough to know them. The feature summed up the myths into three kinds:

1) how the type of mattress affects comfort level.

2) the presence of dust mites in the mattress

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress 10″ by LinenSpa

This mmattress features 2.5″ of memoryfoam, while the rest of its 10″ thickness is made with a polyurethane supportive foam base. Memory foam features open cell technology that provides air flow access, keeping the bed cool as it is slept on. The technology also allows for a more resilient foam structure that keeps bed bugs and allergens at bay. The polyurethane base, however, provides a denser support system that makes the bed firmer. Comfort and support in one, this mattress is also stitched with soft velour covers that may be zipped off for cleaning.

10″ thick with 2.5″ 3.0 lb. memory foam comfort layer and 7.5″ polyurethane foam base Open cell technology allows air flow, keeping the mattress cool and comfortable. Anticmicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites. Soft, doughy consistency quickly conforms to weight and pressure. Zip-off antimicrobial and anti-dust mite soft velour washable cover.

Palmpring 4Way Mattress

Palmpring produces mattress that comes with natural latex and 100% coconut fiber. They have three signature models, and this particular type is the four-layer sandwich mattress, which comes with natural latex, the coir, and another later of latex, plus another layer of coir.

The result is a mattress that provides pressure relieving comfort. The mattress is also covered with a naturally made material, that makes sleeping in the winter months warmer and the summer months cooler.

Lifekind’s Duet Organic Mattress

Lifekind’s Duet organic mattress is made from natural rubber and comes with sculpted layers. It’s these sculpted layers I’m really curious about as it comes with a firm, soft and firm combination from top to bottom. The effect is a motion-free sleep experience, with a “firm yet soft” sleep surface.

Spring Air Releases BioMax Collection

Spring Air, one of the top 15 bedding lines in America, is releasing four different models of mattresses for its BioMax Collection and says it is the first company to release an eco-mattress which delivers “third-party environmental transparency.

What that means is that many of the materials and the standards they have put and adopted to these mattresses has been documented and has earned their rightful seal from Specialty Sleep Assn.’s Environmental & Safety Program officials. The mattress has been certified.

Latex Mattress Now More Preferred By Consumers

Mattress consumers from North America are slowly catching on to the latex mattress as a necessity that’s a better alternative than a memory foam mattress. Part of the reason for this shift is because latex mattresses are not synthetically made. It comes from natural foam rubber and is better for several factors — such as it’s hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mite resistant, while still delivering the same softness, cushion and quality as a memory foam.

Sarah Peyton 10-Inch California King Memory Foam Soft Support Mattress with Bonus Pillows with 2 Contour Pillows

Getting better sleep is easier with this 10-inch memory foam mattress. Made of Intellifoam on a polyurethane base, this offers firm support without having to sacrifice softness. The mattress is quite low maintenance too, as you don’t need to turn it now and then to retain it’s shape.

California King Soft Support Memory Foam Mattress is resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial Supportive 4.0-lb. density memory foam eliminates back and joint pain associated with most common innerspring mattresses Meets all flammability standards Ultra-soft mattress cover is zippered for easy removal and washing Composed of 2.5-inch advanced ‘Next Generation’ viscoelastic memory foam on a 7.5-inch polyurethane base

Micro Plush Luxurious Mattress Protectors

Create a perfect condition for sleeping with this plush mattress protector. It’s a waterproof dust mite inhibitor with terry cotton top and water proog sidewalls and bottom, thus protecting your mattress from all sides.

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