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Aqua Bed Warmer For Non-Electric Heater Blanket

In this freezing cold weather, having a heated blanket is more than a convenience. It’s a necessity. However, not many people are sold on an electric heated blanket because of the possible risks. And while there are only few reported accidents involving this, some consumers would definitely choose to be safe than sorry.

Sealy Mattress Adds Choices for Optimum Gel Mattress

As part of its commitment to specialty sleep, Sealy is coming up with a new line of gel and latex mattress for its Optimum collection. As its name suggests, this is a combination mattress which comes with both latex foam and OptiCool, which is a company-developed sleep technology in gel form.

3 US States Now With Mattress Recycling Legislations

Rhode Island is the third US state to finally pass its own mattress recycling law that will help the industry and the local government deal with the proper disposal of old mattresses. The legislation, which was passed early this week, encourages non-profit organizations to collect mattresses for recycling, for a certain fee. This legislation is endorsed by the ISPA.

Mattress Bank: Caja de Ahorros Mi Colchón

Mattress Bank: Caja de Ahorros Mi Colchón

A mattress company from Spain has released the Caja de Ahorros Mi Colchón, which literally allows consumers to keep money under its mattress. The bed is featured with a small safe inside. It was created with the idea that one need not worry about where to keep their money or investments, especially when banking situations in Spain (or any European country for that matter) are a bit unstable at the moment.

MediWedge Mattress

MediWedge Mattress

The latest mattress innovation is this 2.86-degree inclined mattress called the MediWedge from Natura. It is purposely inclined, hence the sleeper gets into a more comfortable position that allows him to breathe better as he sleeps. The mattress relies on gravity to keep stomach fluids from going through the esophagus, this disrupting sleep.

More Sensible Tips To Choosing A Mattress

Not all mattresses are created equal and not eveyrone has the same requirements in choosing a mattress. But what’s important for all is that getting a good night’s sleep is vital, and the mattress you use contributes to this.

Here are some things you should remember when you’re out shopping for mattresses:

Serta Improves its Perfect Sleeper Mattress Line

The Perfect Sleeper mattress from Serta is already a big hit among consumers and was, in fact, recognized in the Consumer Digest as one of the best products to have. But the company is still giving the Perfect Sleeper, its flagship mattress, new and improved features, which will better coverage as well as adjustable compatibility without sacrifice for price and quality.

ErgoSmart Mattress Toppers

Carpenter Co. comes up with the Isotonic® ErgoSmart™ mattress topper last month at the New York Home Fashions Market. The product, which will be available beginning 2013, has been developed to cater to a variety of needs by consumers. It’s made to withstand movements and shifts in positions while sleeping, making the sleep surface comfortable for partners sleeping in one bed. It also has an air ventilation system that the company says is “light-years ahead of other technologies.”

Mattressize Diagram & Infographics

I found these mattress size diagrams and inforgraphics on Pinterest and many consumers, particularly those owning and building their homes for the first time, may find these really helpful. You are welcome!

Sleep Number Stores To Improve Mattress Shopping Experience

With over 400 Sleep Number stores all over the United States, the company is pledging to provide consumers of a different kind of shopping experience that will hopefully provide those who visit their stores an idea of how to achieve the ultimate sleep. The company’s Sleep Number stores will have Sleep Professionals assisting shoppers and they will be offered some interactive tools to make buying a more concise choice.

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