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A Mattress Checklist

Are you planning on buying a new mattress this coming Black Friday? You can actually save a lot on deals for this. The yearly event falls on November 29th this 2013, which means you have plenty of time to come up with a checklist to determine if it’s really time to replace your mattress.

Good Mattress Equals Overall Wellness

Mattresses are not just something you need to use for sleeping, as it also helps with your body’s overall health and wellness.

Sleep is a public health issue and it matters because this is when the body does its best to repair itself. It also helps with boosting the immunity functions and the development of growth hormones that makes it possible for the body to withstand sickness and diseases. The lack of sleep or the insufficient amount of sleep one gets when they are overworked, or stressed and very busy doing other things have known to take its toll. But consequently, having the wrong type of mattress can also hamper comfort that affects the quality of sleep.

Tips on Adjusting to a New Mattress

Having a new mattress may require a few adjustments. Because your body has been so used to sleeping on an old, sagging and compressed mattress, a new one, with its form and support still very much intact, may feel a whole lot different.

With a new mattress, there are no dips and indentations that form the shape of your body, which is why it may feel a bit rock solid and flat for the first few weeks. New mattresses, however,  eventually conform to your body’s shape, regardless if you have bought a softer, pillow top mattress or one that is firm. This means, that achieving full comfort may happen for a while, so you just have to literally lie back and wait.

Things To Consider When Buying A Mattress

Not all mattresses are made the same. The presence of a number of models and designs are proof of this, despite other people saying that mattresses do not really differ from each other.

If you plan on buying mattresses, there are many tips to choosing the right one posted all across this site. But we should also address what other important things to look for, other than comfort level, softness or firmness, because sometimes, these are the ones that are easily overlooked.

If you’re choosing to go with a spring mattress for example, it pays to be wary of the support system and the compression of the mattress because these are two key elements that will most likely wear out right away. If you’re looking to buy a foam mattress, be particular about its compression and density. Foam mattresses that have lower density are more likely to be prone to defects. If you’re going to go with adjustable beds or sleep number beds, make sure that the pumps, controls and other additions are made of good quality and will not malfunction, especially since these are additional items that may not be easily replaced.

The Right Mattress For Your Sleeping Position

Love this infographic from the Mattressguy! It illustrates how to best gain from sleep using the right type of mattress.

Often, the pain and discomfort we experience despite how long we have been sleeping, is usually associated with the kind of mattress we are sleeping on.

This below provides a really comprehensive guide, especially if you’re thinking of changing or buying a new mattress. This should be very hopeful considering there are different types of mattresses in the market, you could be overwhelmed by the choices:

Factors of a Good Mattress

Crucial to getting a good sleep is the kind of mattress you’re sleeping on.

Comfort is the number one consideration for choosing a mattress. Half the time, most people make-do with what they have and aren’t really able to completely enjoy their mattress. But you cannot relax if your mattress is old and lumpy. You cannot get to sleep fast enough when the sleeping area is tattered and uneven.

3 Things To Consider in Buying Mattress

As everyone always say, the bottomline to picking the mattress perfect for you would have to rely on your own preference and needs from a bed.

Setting aside that consideration, however, what are the things you need to rundown and take into account when choosing a mattress?

First of all, you have to check the mattress’ construction. These days, there are plenty of mattresses that put emphasis on natural body alignment. Foams are engineered so that the mattress won’t hurt your shoulders and back and you can feel your stress points really relaxing. There are plenty of mattresses that offer zones and layers of comfort. Construction matter to comfort, thus it’s the first thing you’d have to check.

How Do You Discard Old Mattresses?

So finally, you’re getting a new mattress! After agonizing over your old mattress and enduring the back pains it’s causing you, you’ve decided to replace this and bought yourself a new latex mattress. I know you can’t wait to use it and sleep on it. But there’s this very important matter you have to take care of — that is, what are you going to do with the old mattress? How are you going to discard this?

4 Tips To Picking A Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If sleeping on your current mattress is making you more lethargic, a good memory foam mattress topper is a quick solution to rejuvenating this.

Memory foam mattress toppers offer comfort that you require, with just a fraction of the cost of buying a new mattress. However, as with any mattress purchase, it only works best if you pick out the right kind that fits into your needs.

March Is National Bed Month

It’s halfway through March and I had no idea we’re supposed to be observing National Bed Month this time of the year. With all that has been going on around us, a relaxing sleep may be harder to achieve. Besides that, we all have our personal issues to deal with, which is why according to The Sleep Council, 90% of the people aren’t getting the best of comfort and satisfaction with sleep.

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