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Windermere Mattress

The Windmere Mattress is of premiere quality and it is the mattress used at Claridges Hotel in London.

This mattress is handmade to perfection in its plant in Suffolk. Featured with pocket springs, this mattress has over 1400 pocket units and has an 8.5 inches depth. The fabric used for its covering is a mix of cotton and Belgian damask, while inside, the mattress is filled with wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. Imagine just how luxurious this is!

Flare Mattress Design from Comfort Solutions

The Flare Mattress design presented by Comfort Solutions at the Las Vegas market is something that raised the interest of many retailers. The mattress features an extra half-foot space that is supposed to help with sleep.

While this design is not unusual, as others have done similar mattresses like this before, the additional space is constructed with consideration to how it could help decrease sleep disturbance and keep the bed sturdier, with its edges more compact. According to the company’s head, the design of the Flare mattress still “holds up to the same standard as a conventional mattress edge, but with the added benefit of more space,”

InnoMax Redevelops Sleep Water Bed

Beefing up their Hydrodynamic Sleep products, InnoMax presents its Specific Gravity 1 line.

According to the brand’s head:

“Older folks who are coming back to the category and younger consumers who are discovering fluid support for the first time have no qualms about paying premium bedding prices for a great night’s sleep. And our retailers enjoy high margins because there is virtually no competition in this category.”

What To Look For In A Green Mattress

A green mattress is something most companies now have in their assortments of products. In a move to provide consumers with healthy, comfortable sleep, companies offer consumers with eco-friendly alternatives, which are believed to be more better than traditional mattresses.

But what must a keen consumer be on the lookout for when it comes to buying “green”, when some of these may, in fact, come with synthetic materials?

Mattress Recall: Adjustable Mattress from Leggett & Platt

About 25,200 units of adjustable mattress base from Leggett & Platt will be recalled, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), as this poses serious fire hazards for its users.

A total of 29 complaints about this product has been received by the firm, prompting them to issue a recall last March 22nd. If you own one, or know someone who does, please be advised of this.

The Land of The Nod Bed Frame Recall

Here’s a consumer advisory for those who have purchased this particular bed frame from The Land of the Nod:

The Land of Nod Recalls Bed Frames Due to Entrapment Hazard

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Making Your Bed Less Toxic For Better Sleep

Creating a bedroom that offers the best rest and quality of sleep is simple to do. You just have to get rid of a few items near your bed, as well as change some of it.

Take a look at your mattress. When was the last time you’ve had it? Do you have any idea what is it made of? Most mattresses in many average homes make use of mattresses that are made using a synthetic material called polyurethane (PU) foam. Countless of research have shown this to be one of the causes of unhealthy sleep, resulting in hormone disruption, skin irritation and impairment of memory.

Stacked Comforters Make One Comfy Mattress

You would have to be really lazy or really innovative to fashion a bed into something like this.

It’s probably the simplest way to make a bed, especially if you’ve got loads of comforters in the house. It’s also oddly weird but fun.

This pile is made up of a stack of comforters which had been put together by Linda Topic, a textile designer, for a competition. There are no bed frames to this bed and obviously, the feel of it is so soft and fluffy.

Pragma Quad-Fold Steel Bed Frame – 1200 lb Capacity

Foldable, portable but providing maximum comfort and convenience, this steel bed frame is ideal for small spaces as it can be folded easily when not in use. The bed is about 14″ off the ground, and can hold up to 1200 lbs capacity.

Engineered with heavy-duty wire mesh, which serves as a complete mattress support system that will not bend or sag over time Provides a flat, sturdy, squeak-free base for your new memory foam mattress or even your old spring mattress Strong yet lightweight design can resist up to 1200 pounds per twin bed frame – up to 2400 pounds on the king-sized base All bed frames, except the twin-sized frame, comes in packages of two bed frames that once joined make up their desired bed size Manufactured under ISO 9001 certification standards
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