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Pallet Bed: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Designers regard the pallet bed frame as a cheaper alternative to an actual bed frame. A pallet is normally made up of wood planks and used as a wooden carrier. It’s mostly found wherever there are cargos and basically, you only need to recycle these wooden planks to use for the bed. If you’re tight on the budget and unable to buy actual furniture, or if you have little design knowledge and creative output, the pallet would be convenient to use because you can simply just prop up a mattress over it.

Windermere Mattress

The Windmere Mattress is of premiere quality and it is the mattress used at Claridges Hotel in London.

This mattress is handmade to perfection in its plant in Suffolk. Featured with pocket springs, this mattress has over 1400 pocket units and has an 8.5 inches depth. The fabric used for its covering is a mix of cotton and Belgian damask, while inside, the mattress is filled with wool, cashmere, silk and cotton. Imagine just how luxurious this is!

Buying a Bed Frame for the First Time? Some Tips Below

Are you in the market for a new bed frame? Is this your first time to buy one? You’ve probably heard from someone else how beds can be an investment, much like purchasing a car. And that is actually true. The one you’ll pick out now is the one you will be stuck with for several years to come. Which means that you have to choose one that really satisfy your taste and requirements.

Why Mattress Frames Make Mattresses Better

People traditionally sleep on beds that already come with its own mattress frames. But ┬áif you buy a different mattress that doesn’t fit with your existing frames, or if you just buy the mattress and do away with frames to save on the cost, you’re not exactly saving money and being practical.

Mattress Trick: Use Carpet Gripper To Hold in Place

Here’s an idea from Ikea Hackers.

You know how mattresses placed on beds without proper framing, such as some platform beds, tend to slip and slide off the foundation? It can get very annoying and it can disrupt a good sleep, which can’t be good for your well-being.

Well, Ikea Hackers suggests that instead of buying an actual bed frame, which can be too expensive and out of budget, or sometimes too constrictive, why not put a carpet gripping on the underneath the mattress?

Marshmallow Bed

This is not exactly a typical bed, as you can’t use it for sleep or rest. But it’s the kind of art piece we don’t often see, much less with a bed or mattress as its main idea. And for that, we love the artist’s interpretation of it.

Designed by Lauren Smith, a mixed media artist from New Jersey, this creation is called “Under The Bed” and features a wooden bed frame with a lot of skewered marshmallows underneath as its “mattress”.

Sleep Master Bi-fold Box Spring Mattress

Your mattress needs a solid foundation and this bi-fold mattress from Sleep Master may just be the right one fo ryou. It’s easy to install, since the foundation is foldable, thus allowing for maneuvering. Made of metal frame that allows for durability, you just have to lock this in position with your mattress, then zip it up with the custom made cover, then it’s already good to use. The foundations are labeled top and bottom, so you know you won’t be installing it incorrectly.

Concept Bed: The Mondrian

This concept bed frame is designed by Fabian Gatermann for the Die Wohngemeinschaft, a hostel based in Cologne, Germany. Its made of shipping pallets, but painted with different colors for an added appeal. The inspiration for this bed comes from Piet Mondrian’ s work in the 20’s.

What do you think? Pretty contemporary looking, huh?

Signature Sleep Essential 6-Inch Mattress

This Signature Sleep Essential Mattress is made for sleep perfection. it comes with a 6-inch innercoil spring that is tempered with 13.5 gauge steeel coils set between different layers of foam. The resulting structure allows for the coils to remain undetected even as the mattress has been used for several years.

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