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Eco Wool Foundation Pad

If your bed has wooden slats, this foundation pad is just the thing that protects your mattress from dust and dust mites that may cause allergies and asthma. The pad provides a thick layer of protection which also increases your mattress’ longevity.

MicronOne BeneSleep Asthma and Allergy Mattress Encasement, King

Get maximum protection for your bed with this mattress encasement designed for people suffering from asthma and allergies. The encasement is fitted with MicronOne Fiber technology, which has clean barriers that does not allow for stains and spills.

Spring Air Warren Pillow Top

This is a mattress and box spring combo that is a popular choice among consumers. It comes with a back supporter and a pillow top what has been finely crafted and engineered. For asthma sleepers, this helps reduce allergies.

DownLinens Down Free Fiber Bed

For those with allergies and are prone to difficulties sleeping, this down linen fiber bed should help. The material is made of hypoallergenic substances, thus it’s an excellent bedding product providing comfort and solution to your health problems.

DownLinens Standard Dreamy Downlike Feather Bed

Another better alternative, especially for those suffering from allergies when they sleep. This down linen feather bed is very conducive for sleeping well. It comes with excellent quality and high standards. The mattress is hypo-allergenic, perfect for those with sensitive sinuses.

Bed Guard Dust Mite Proof Mattress Cover

Encase your mattress with this dust mite cover as protection from those that may cause skin irritation and allergies. This bed guard has been tested to work against bed bug, thus it also prolongs the lifespan of your mattress.

Pillow Tissue

Pillow Tissue

It’s the cold season, the season for runny noses and allergies that induce  sore throats and sneezing. Having an abundant supply of tissue in bed is actually really very handy. I mean you don’t have to get up now and then. Or you won’t soil your sheets and pillows when you feel like blowing your nose off something. Heck, even if you are not sick and just feel like having a good cry in bed, tissue supply is crucial.

BeneSleep, A dorm room essential

When it comes to cleanliness, the dorm room is one place where there’s definitely a high level of risk from bed bug infection as well as other diseases. The mattress that incoming students sleep on are passed on from one person to the next year after year.

Travel cot mattress with CoolMax

Travel cot mattress with CoolMax

The Mothercare Sleepright mattress with CoolmaxActive is designed to fit a travel cot and has all the benefits of CoolmaxActive to keep your baby cool, dry and comfortable. The mattress can be washed at 40°c to eliminate dust mites and help prevent allergies. It may also be folded and stored with your travel cot.