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Airweave Mattress Pad’s Success Story

Japanese mattress inventor, Motokuni Takaoka, has developed one of the best mattresses in the world that many athletes benefit from. He has, in fact, been to all of major sports events, including the Olympics, in order to find out how his design and inventions have helped sportsmen to become better at their game.

Cuddle In The Sky: Air New Zealand Has Memory Foam Mattresses

Frequent travelers flying the route that Air New Zealand takes are going to be very happy knowing that they can get decent sleep while up in the air.

The airline has introduced the “Cuddle Class” which is ideal for couples flying with their company. On the Economy Skycouch, the section has special seats that fold out to become flat beds. If the travelers want a more comfortable seating/sleeping space, they can upgrade their seats to the Business Premier where the skycouches are featured with memory foam mattresses and pillows.