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Allergy Mattress from Japan

Designed to help with allergy control, this mattress, which is a Japanese made mattress that is part of the Asleep Series from a company called Aisin, is intended to curb allergies to as much as 90%. For anyone suffering from this, it’s actually a huge thing, particularly when it promises sleep that is not interrupted by all the whizzing, coughing and the difficulty in breathing that usually comes with allergy attacks.

Ethan Allen Twin-to-Full Extension Kit for Dylan Bunk Bed

A house with kids in transition, sleeping from the crib to an actual bed, will do well with a bed convertible like this piece from Ethan Allen.

The bottom bunk to this bed can be adjusted to become a full-sized sleeping space for the child, with the bed serving him well up to his teenage years. Additionally, the bottom bunk has extended legs, support rails and brackets, as well as additional hardware to complete the transformation of the bed.

Breakfast Pillows, Anyone?

The Japanese love to create unusual items with pillows but we would have never expected this from a German company.

Aufschnitt Berlin, which is owned by textile designer Silvia Wild, has developed and manufactured a line of hand-stitched pillows and cushions that are modelled after breakfast food products, such as these examples below.

Maximizing Your Air Mattress

Many households today make use of an air mattress or an air bed as a sleeping option because they are relatively inexpensive and very convenient to have around the house. While this type of mattress is but a temporary solution, there are ways you can do in order to make the most out of it.

Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

The Red Nomad is manufactured using memory foam mattress that is certified by CertiPUR-US®, which guarantees it is of high quality. It’s supposed to have low emission, with durability and performance that is expected to last for many, many years.

Another Study Proves Link Between Old Mattress and Back Pains

Once again, a new study points out how old mattresses can be a huge factor to back pain. The study was published for the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) in the UK. The study stated that at least 42% of British people have had incidents of back pain that lets them sleep with difficulty. Most respondents say that they wake up feeling stiffness in the back, or some kind of body pain, after a long night’s sleep.

How To Get Creative With a Mattress For A Costume

Scrimping for a Halloween costume in the last minute? Why not make use of your old mattress before finally ditching this?

It may not sound so easy, especially if you’re using a traditional mattress with loads of spring inside. But if you have the right tools, it can be a simple process. Your mattress is old anyway, so deconstructing it to use its other parts wouldn’t be so bad.

Interchangeable Wool Furniture

Wool has the reputation for being sustainable and eco-friendly. It’s also low maintenance and very conducive to against weather changes, most especially during cold spells.

This ingenious idea from designer of Patricia Urquiola, who is famous for her Mangas Rugs, is another way of revolutionizing how one can dress up the house interiors with practical and comfortable furniture.

The 365 Sofa Bed

If you’re living in a small space loft or apartment, coming up with space saving solutions can be a real challenge. But with a sofa and bed combo like this from Campeggi, the problem may just be finally resolved.

The Difference Between Men & Women When it Comes to Sleep

As with anything in life, there is a notable and remarkable difference between a man and a woman’s sleeping habits, as show in this infographic from Jawbone. From the time we prepare ourselves for bed, to the time we wake up, to the choices of pillows, sheet counts and mattresses, to our sleepwear preferences, to the the things we want to do best while in bed — these are all defined by our gender. And yet, we’re probably the only species on Earth who can sleep together well next to another human being.

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