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Mattresses Then and Now

Mattresses were first invented over 10,000 years ago, when they were basically rolled on the floor to serve as extra padding for primitives who had to sleep on hard solid ground. And it took a while for this to be innovated, according to reports. After thousands of years, during the time of Louis XIV, only then did mattresses come with raised beds.

Bellagio Mattress from Serta

Sleep under the contentment and luxury of the Bellagio mattress, which is the same type of mattress you can find at the Bellagio hotel. Now you can have the ultimate hotel experience at home with this one, as Serta, one of the world’s leading hotel mattress suppliers, has brought this to its iSeries collection.

Pillow For Relieving Neck Pain

When you’re constantly experiencing neck pains that disrupt your sleep and overall mobility, then changing pillows may help relieve this problem. One such pillow comes from Hammacher Schlemmer, which looks rather unusual but its offers a lot of benefits to the user.

Designed by a chiropractor, this pillow helps with proper alignment of the spine. With its patented depression, which works to cradle the head properly, the pillow offers good support, as it follows the natural curve of the neck and down to the vertebrae. It also has elevated sides, which is advantageous for side sleepers, who will also benefit from the spine’s proper alignment. The result brings relief from neck strain as well as stiffness.

Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Going camping soon? One of the things that’s inconvenient about sleeping outdoors on a tent is that the setting of the bed is too low on the ground. Well, the idea of camping is in roughing it, but perhaps you’re the type who wants to take it up a notch and provide for a better sleeping arrangement. This bed tent can give you that comfort and convenience you’re yearning for when you’re camping outdoors.

Snuggle Up For Winter With These Bedding Essentials

News have it that it will be a cold, cold winter season this year, with many in the Western hemisphere experiencing what would be the coldest winter freeze for two weeks at most. It’s the kind of cold that hasn’t been felt since the 1940’s, so those living in the colder climates should prepare and bundle up in bed to live through the harsh weather and still enjoy the holidays. To make the best of a cold climate, invest in the following bedding essentials now:

A Mattress Checklist

Are you planning on buying a new mattress this coming Black Friday? You can actually save a lot on deals for this. The yearly event falls on November 29th this 2013, which means you have plenty of time to come up with a checklist to determine if it’s really time to replace your mattress.

Good Mattress Equals Overall Wellness

Mattresses are not just something you need to use for sleeping, as it also helps with your body’s overall health and wellness.

Sleep is a public health issue and it matters because this is when the body does its best to repair itself. It also helps with boosting the immunity functions and the development of growth hormones that makes it possible for the body to withstand sickness and diseases. The lack of sleep or the insufficient amount of sleep one gets when they are overworked, or stressed and very busy doing other things have known to take its toll. But consequently, having the wrong type of mattress can also hamper comfort that affects the quality of sleep.

Aireloom Aspire Preferred By Young Consumers

E.S. Kluft & Co’s Aireloom Aspire Collection is the company’s most affordable mattress. Known for its luxury bedding, the company’s Aireloom mattress is apparently becoming well-received, especially among younger consumers who aspire the luxurious lifestyle, but have limited means. The Aireloom, dubbed as somewhat comparable to a Mercedes Benz C-class, has a starting price of $2,000 and is made available at Bloomingdale’s.

Protecting Yourself from Hotel Bed Bugs

The holidays will mean travel and a hotel accommodation for a lot of people and the last thing anyone wants to deal with during these short breaks is bedbug infestation, especially when checking out from the hotel. Unfortunately for everyone, bedbugs will not discriminate and anyone in any of the hotels all over the states, including those with 5-star accommodation, are susceptible. So, how do you prevent becoming a prey to bedbugs?

Elevator Beds As A Space-Saving Cooler Option

Those who live in the city may have all the conveniences and perks of living in the hustle and bustle. But many city dwellers always have to contend with problems with space, particularly the lack of it. And this is what Espacce Loggia, an Italian furniture maker, has envisioned when the company decided to create a series of mobile beds.

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