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3 Reasons Why Mattress Recycling Facilities Benefit The Community

With the growing awareness for recycling, the good news is that mattress recyling facilities can be nearly found everywhere. These facilities benefit everyone in the community as it:

1. Makes use of old mattresses and beds for different purposes. – Recycling facilities deconstruct old beds and mattress for different purposes. The parts that they take from these beds become raw materials for many items used for industrial purposes.

Estasi by Technogel Mattress

This particular mattress is thick for proper support. The top area is covered in Technogel which is a soft but solid material that allows the body to sink in comfortably ont he sleep surface. But at the same time, supports the body and provides even pressure distribution of it. The material is the same one found in Dr. Scholl’s foot care line. It is non-toxic and stable.

Luxury Mattress from Savoir Beds

What is with the Savoir mattress that Liza Minnelli and the King of Morocco loves? This is the mattress they would like to sleep on best and the origin of it dates back to 1905, when Savoir was only exclusively made for the Savoy Hotel.

The mattress costs anywhere between $8,000 to $55,000 and each of the bed has been hand crafted and custom made to whatever the person’s preference is.

The ePillow For Your iPads & Other Tablets

These days, even your gadgets can use a pillow.

Veyl Products has unveiled its latest product which should help techies use their portable gadgets with ease and comfort however they are positioned.

The ePillow is specifically made for portable devices like the iPad and other Tablets. A user can prop this up and use as a table or pad, which is said to help reduce neck strain, muscle fatigue or eye strain as one continuously handles the device.

What Are All Those Organic Mattress Accreditations

When you purchase an organic or naturally made mattress and bedding, you will probably notice stickers and accreditation marks all over it. There are actually different types of accreditations, sealing that the mattress you’re buying is made of top quality, but it can get confusing.

Here is a simple guide to some of these accredications:

Modular Sofa Looks Like Blocks of Mattresses

This impressive sofa piece looks so much like blocks of mattresses to me. The aesthetics is definitely uncanny and it’s what statement pieces are, so designed for fancy modern houses. I love the assortment of colors.

But this sofa mattress type is quite functional as well, as its button tufted surface provides quite a soft, comfy sitting or lounging area.

How To Cozy Up In Bed

According to some retailers, getting cozy in bed takes more than just having the right furniture in the room.

For instance, the type of mattress can matter. At least 60% of shoppers actually prefer pillow top mattress more than anything. And cleanliness of the sleep area mattress, so it is imperative that mattresses get their fair share of cleaning, maintenance and upkeep.

Rekindle Romance in the Bedroom, Sleep in Separate Beds

Couples have different preferrences when it comes to sleeping arrangements. That is why you now can find mattresses that are built for two but designed separately. One part is firm, and the other is softer, depending on what each person needs.

However, sleep experts say that, in order to put the romance back in your marriage, it would be better if couples learned to sleep in separate beds.

Sleep Experts Say: Mattress Not To Blame For Sleepless Nights

Contrary to what some mattress sales pitch may say, a mattress isn’t to blame for the sleepless nights you may be experiencing says the sleep experts.

There are only two factors that really make one sleep uncomfortably or lethargic the next day. One is if you have a sleeping disorder and the other is if you’re really not getting enough sleep. It has little to do with the mattress.

What’s The Most Preferred Mattress Store at QMattress?

Have you been shopping for mattresses at Qmattress?

According to a survey done on its client’s activities, Sleep Train Mattress center has been rated as the best mattress retailer with 4.5 stars out of five stars.

The survey done factored in percentage sales, staff expertise and the kinds of brands carried by the mattress store.

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