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Mattress Idea: Use Mattress As A Headboard

I found this cool idea from a blog, that featured an Ikea mattress which was used as headboard.

I think this is an innovative way of sprucing up the bedroom, with a headboard that I imagine should be really comfortable to rest on.

Roulade: Mattress Or Couch?

This is an excellent conversation piece to add to your home!

The Roulade is an example of what contemporary furniture is. It’s form and function combined, as this piece looks absolutely gorgeous and colorful, yet at the same time, it provides an extra seating area, or perhaps a sleeping area.

Boyd Designs New Gel Foam Mattress

Boyd Designs has released a new mattress line that comes with a gel infused memory foam mattress, providing consumers with the most outstanding support and sleep quality.

The mattress, which has already started shipping out to consumers and stores since mid-December, is priced between $799 to $1,299 (for the queen size) and has a 25 year warranty.

Queen Anne’s Bed Restoration Project

This is a different kind of “bedtime story”, in that it actually is about a bed that holds a special part of history.

This is Queen Anne’s State Bed from the 16th-17th century, which has been restored to its full glory, after 300 years. The bed is on display at the Leeds Museum in the UK.

Mattress Campaign Encourages You To Stop Sleeping Around

Better Sleep Council (BSC) has geared up fr a new campaign for this year, which is putting focus on an individual’s relationship with his or her mattress.

The campaign emphasizes on the danger of “sleeping around” and “cheating”, but in the context of having to steal a few shut-eyes at work, for example.

Luxury Two-Sided Latex Mattresses from Shifman

Bloomingdale is now carrying the latest two-sided luxury mattress released by Shifman.

The mattress lines are called The Natural Embrace and Perfect Embrace collections and these come with high quality talalay latex in its composition. The mattress forms a nice body contour when sleeping, thus eliminating pressure points and reducing stress as you rejuvenate. The mattress is also made breathable and long lasting.

A Sleeping Bag You Can Actually Wear

At first glance, I thought that this looks like a crazy idea. A sleeping bag I can wear? Who would want that? But then, I’ve realized that if you were out in the mountain cold, or on an outdoor romp with friends and family, this sleeping bag/sleepwear may just be the best thing ever.

I know a lot of you are planning your summer activities this early. And if camping is part of it, you may want to consider this Selk’Bag as a sleeping option.

First Ever Asthma and Allergy Friendly Mattress From Spring Air

There are over seventy million people suffering from asthma and allergies, which is why it’s but logical for Spring Air to come up with a special type of mattress.

The company is introducing its latest bedding line called Breathe and with the company’s current marketing statement to “Live Healthier”, this newest mattress couldn’t be more fit and appropriate.

Mattress Recycling Business Booming in Canada

All it took was an amendment in the law, and companies that handle mattress recycling has seen a big boost in business every since.

According to the founder of, which is based on Vancouver, when the local government enforced a law that would make throwing of old mattresses illegal, business has been growing and on average, the mattress recycling company takes in about 1,000 in a week.

Activcor Advanced Comfort System

 Blue Ocean is releasing a new foam mattress called the Activcor Advanced Comfort System, which comes with an innovative construction with a mattress cushioning that is similar to that of athletic shoes or automobiles.

According to its Vice President, “Our innovative design, taking something old and making it new again, really speaks to the advanced technology of popular athletic shoes along with the core chemistry which is consistent with the dynamic foam performance found in the seat cushions of the most prestigious German luxury and sports car brands. We understood the impact that a chemical supplier can have on the creation of comfort and support in our mattresses.”

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