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Bed Bug Body Guard™ Inspection Suit by Mattress Safe

The fight against bed bugs seems to be neverending as reports have it these pests have evolved to withstand bed bug pesticides and other ways of preventing it. Companies continue to come up with solutions to curbing this problem, year after year.

The latest innovation is from Mattress Safe, who has been making mattress alternatives that cater to this specific problem. Below is the news release for Bed Bug Body Guard.

Pest management professionals have relied on bed bug certified mattress and box spring encasements from Mattress Safe® as an integral component of their bed bug combat strategy.

Now Mattress Safe, Inc. is happy to provide the pest management industry with a new tool in the fight against bed bug infestation. Any pest management professional who has treated for bed bugs knows that these pest are exceptional hitch-hikers. The new Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit by Mattress Safe® provides technicians in the field protection from these pest during a treatment as well as a method to detect and an aid preventing bed bugs from traveling home with the technician.

Pest management professionals can be assured they are protecting themselves and their families from transporting bed bugs from infested locations. Included with each Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit, Mattress Safe® also supplies a LaundrySafe™ encasement for washing and storage. When leaving the site of a bed bug treatment, the technician can remove the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit and store it in the LaundrySafe™ encasement. With Mattress Safe’s Patented “Zipper with the Hook” ™ (US Patent No. 7,849,543) Technicians can feel safe that any bed bugs that missed detection are quarantined inside the LaundrySafe™ encasement. After each use, the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit can be washed and dried which will kill any bed bugs sealed inside of the LaundrySafe™ encasement.

Because the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit is washable and reusable, pest management companies can reduce the expensive costs of replacing other disposable type body suits. With a soft stretch-knit fabric, users will find a new level of comfort and durability over other types of suits.

Mattress Safe provides the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit in 3 sizes: Small / Medium, Large / X-Large & 2X Large. Suitable for multiple types of pest inspection the Bed Bug Body Guard™ inspection suit should be the first line of defense in any treatment program. Combined with a full line of bed bug certified mattress, box spring and furniture encasements, Mattress Safe® provides pest management professionals with a complete solution to an integrated bed bug program.

For more information about the Bed Bug Body Guard™ Inspection Suit or bed bug certified mattress and furniture encasements, please visit or contact our office toll free at 1-888-405-5335 or email to: info(at)mattresssafe(dot)com.

Somnium Mattress

This is being branded as the “fitness equipment” at night and is designed for athletes and invidiuals who are active in their lifestyle. The mattress is aligned perfectly, so that sleep and movement is comfortable when someone is laying down on it.

Inside the foundation are springs that Somnium says encourages spooning. The spring support isn’t made of metal, which makes movement less disturbing, especially if you’re sleeping with another person in bed.

Sleep Number Stores To Improve Mattress Shopping Experience

With over 400 Sleep Number stores all over the United States, the company is pledging to provide consumers of a different kind of shopping experience that will hopefully provide those who visit their stores an idea of how to achieve the ultimate sleep. The company’s Sleep Number stores will have Sleep Professionals assisting shoppers and they will be offered some interactive tools to make buying a more concise choice.

Helicopter Makes Landing Pad Out of Mattresses

Mattresses aren’t just meant for sleeping. These are recycled into more usable items when it’s already old and dingy. But for an emergency case that took place in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas, a helicopter pilot had good thinking and requested people prepare at mattresses in the landing pad.

SMS Pillow by Philips

Sometime seven or eight years ago, Philips Research created a prototype that infuses sleep technology with mobile technology and called it the SMS Pillow. This prototype was show in a Berlin exhibit held in 2005.

What the pillow does is to send text message using the pillow itself, as it comes with LED embedding in the fabric, with the application just underneath it. It’s the fabric itself that actually does the trick but since I don’t see similar products anywhere, it’s safe to say that this idea never took flight, isn’t it?

Back to School Campaign from Mattress Firm and Protect-A-Bed

Mattress Firm and Protect-A-Bed team together to launch a new Back To School campaign to help promote the importance of sleep among school-going kids.

In line with this, Mattress Firm is selling selected mattresses and bed products at discounted prices. These products are geared towards use of students, teachers, faculty members and the school alumi. The sale also includes a sweepstakes draw that will commence by the end of August, where those who have bought Protect-A-Bed products from Mattress Firm can earn bedding products prizes and also a $500 Visa gift card

Organic Outer Selene Pillowtop Mattress

So named after the Titan Moon Goddess, Selene, this pillowtop allows for the best sleep “under the moonlight” so to speak. It offers deep, comfortable sleep, with its featured innerspring support, known to be very firm. Or it’s removable extra 2″ soft top. With these options, you pick out the sleep surface that’s best for you.

Guinness World Record for Tallest Stack of Mattress

It seems every year, someone always tries to beat a mattress record. And every year the efforts get more and more ambitious. This year Art Van Furniture in Warren Michigan attemptempted and succeeded in stacking the tallest mattress pile at 14.5 feet tall, beating the previous record at 13.5 feet.

Araam’s LitBed Mattress

Araam is the manufacture of the Hypnos brand and makes mattresses for the Royal Family in England, as well as mattresses for world famous five star hotels.

The company has recently designed a specialized mattress for over 250lb individuals, giving consideration to the fact that at this weight, folks can either be upper side heavy, lower section heavy, or mid section heavy.

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