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Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

The Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow is probably the oddest looking pillow you’ll find. Its designed has been done with consultation from sleep experts and chiropractors, though, so that if one uses it, it can properly help with the alignment of the spine. This pillow offers support and stability when sleeping and as a result, the user can feel less pain and stiffness. It’s also made of materials that promote health and well-being.

The Dr. Breus Bed

The Dr. Breus Bed is a signature design from Sleepy’s and International Bedding. The company is working hand in hand with The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus for this. The bed comes with TempSense, which has advanced technology that can help with temperature control for the one sleeping. The couple bed can be also customized with this, so that it still feels like an individual bed, with its own temperature control. One side can be cooler, while the other not so much.

iAshley Gel 1400 Mattress

This is what’s inside an iAshley mattress. It has a layer of InviroGel that offers cooling comfort for its users. The rest of the mattress, however, includes 8″ of well-ventilated memory foam infused with iAshley’s own TorsoTec comfort layer. So that the mattress also remains firm and durable, it has 6″ of polyfoam for support.

Mattress Sales To Continue to Rise?

For the next two years, sales of US mattress will continue to rise, according to industry experts from the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). This projected status is both applicable in sales value as well as the number of demands for new mattresses. Forecaster say that for the first few months of 2013, the expected gain would be at around 2.3% in quantity of shipment, while it can grow to as much as 4.5% by the following year.

Beautyrest Queen Adjustable Foundation in NuFlex Brow

With this bed frame you can enjoy your most comfortable sleep position and rest really well. The bed features pre-selected positions that allows you to either sleep flat or recline a little as you read and relax in bed. The frames actually move with the help of a remote, which makes the adjustments easier to do.

[Video] Sleeping Well Together as a Couple

[Video] Sleeping Well Together as a Couple

Are you part of a couple struggling with issues in bed, in that you can’t sleep with someone next to you? Or that your bother is actually bothering your slumber?

Better Sleep Council has released two new videos for promoting good sleep among couples. There was a done which says that many couples actually go to bed alone, since this helps them get the best sleep. But this go against the idea of coupling and may cause a rift between partners. So, if you want to go to bed together, here are some things you should consider:

NovaForm® Pure Comfort™ King Memory Foam Mattress

NovaForm’s Pure Comfort memory foam mattress is designed to deliver overall comfort, with the help of memory foam technology. The mattress’ surface is covered with smooth and luxurious jacquared cover, while assuring its user of cool and comfortable sleep. It is also made to conform to with standards set for flammability.

Mattress Jumping as Serious Work

Some people are paid to sleep on the job, while others get to play on the job working as Mattress Jumpers.

Becoming a mattress jumper is a full-time work offered at McRoskey Mattress Company based in San Francisco. Workers are hired to test mattress firmness and durability, and they say they do this with all seriousness and committment.

The Charpoy Mattress

The Charpoy mattress looks like the type of mattress the ancient Romans sleep on. It looks more than vintage, really but in today’s world, it probably won’t do for sleeping as the cushion isn’t enough to support a body that’s been overworked and all stressed out.

Did You Buy A Mattress On Black Friday?

People look forward to shopping on Black Friday because of the enormous discounts. Although, it’s quite a hassle to be at stores, some believe the trip to be worth it. In most cases, people buy stuff for themselves, contrary to the belief that Black Friday shopping is when most people actually start crossing off items on their Christmas list.

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