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Beautyrest Twin XL TruEnergy Mattress Set

Achieve exceptional sleep with this Eurotop inspired mattress from Beautyrest.

It comes with an AirCool™ Mesh Border that helps with the mattress’ breathability, making sleep a lot more comfortable, as air breezes through the body, circulating better. The TruEnergy also comes with a GelTouch™ and Energy Foam layer, making it more luxuriously comfortable to sleep on.

Valencia Mattress

The Valencia Mattress is a collection of mattresses made for the fan of the sports team, which means that owning this or having this should be ideal for someone who knows soccer or football by heart. The mattress is only available in Spain, which is where the Valencia team hails. There are also no specifics to what the mattresses are made of.

ErgoSmart Mattress Toppers

Carpenter Co. comes up with the Isotonic® ErgoSmart™ mattress topper last month at the New York Home Fashions Market. The product, which will be available beginning 2013, has been developed to cater to a variety of needs by consumers. It’s made to withstand movements and shifts in positions while sleeping, making the sleep surface comfortable for partners sleeping in one bed. It also has an air ventilation system that the company says is “light-years ahead of other technologies.”

Mattress To Prevent Bed Sore In Development

Many bed ridden patients and their families will be happy to know that a mattress is in development that will help these people prevent developing bed sores. The high technology mattress project is estimated to have a £1 billion funding a year and is part of the Synidor system. The project is being undertaken in Wales.

CPSC Recalls 1500 Mattresses in Georgia and 2 States

Failing to meet the federal standards for mattress flammability, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced last Friday that it wil be recalling some 1500 mattresses that were sold in Georgia and two other states in the US.

The recall order was set a year after a report from a CBS station in Atlanta exposed this. The report, however, was filed last year. The mattress in question comes from the American Mattress Manufacturing Company, also based in Atlanta. These were used mattresses that have been removed of its springs and then rebuilt with different materials and fabrics. These mattresses specifically have a yellow tag attached to them, with the name of the manufacturing company written on the tag. These mattresses were sold at $30 to $200, in various sizes, including bunk bed mattresses.

Aquapure Soya Mattress

This mattress is designed for maximum comfort, but makes sure that it makes little impact to the environment. The materials are mostly made from renewable sources, while also considering hypoallergenic and non-toxic alternatives that would be great for sleeping in the healthiest environment possible.

US Mayors Support Mattress Recycling Bid

A group of mayors all over the United States has declared their support for the legislation that will push for an extended producer responsibility (EPR) for mattresses.

This legistlation puts mattress manufacturers in control and responsibile for their products, after consumers have made use of them. This is essentially a bid to push recycling towards manufeacturers, which may bring added financial and administrative burden.

Serta iSeries Mattress Sets, Moonlit Dream Tight Top Firm

One of Serta’s collection for this year, the Moonlit Dream features a cooling action with its comibination of memory foam and gel sleep surface. It’s mostly found on the center of the bed, where comfort is much required.

The mattress offers supportive and comfortable sleep with its individually-wrapped coils, so that even as your partner is moving or shifting in bed, your place on the other side remains undisturbed. The coils also provide the extra firmness that you will need from a bed.

Fiery Magenta Futon Mattress

Blazing in a shade of red, this futon mattress adds a contempary and stylish touch to a bedroom. If you have a college dormer, growing pre-teen in the house, this would be an ideal extra bed for sleepovers.

The mattress is about 6 inches and is covered in twill. The fillings are made from recycled fibers delivering firm support and comfort altogehter.

Orthos Cashmere Mattress from Hypnos

All these news about Kate and William, British royalties, have made me start wondering — what type of mattress would the royal baby sleep on? The mattress brand Hypnos, is reportedly what the royal family prefers to and while they do not have baby cots and baby mattresses, this Orthos Cashmere model looks and sounds divine, anyone on it would definitely be pushed to sleep like a baby.

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