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The Better Marriage Blanket

There are high doubts this blanket actually works, but the idea is still quite ingenous.

The blanket was created for couples who suffer from flatulence. Too often, this becomes an issue in the marriage with one partner resenting the fact that the other is unsuspectingly unable to control the urge to…well, let the air go while in bed.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds

Craftmatic has been in the industry for many years, and it’s quite a popular choice among the elderly. There have been many satisfied users for this adjustable bed, but also some complaints have sprung up on the internet in recent times.

Of course, comfort has to be on a case to case basis, but for those that have been happy with their Craftmatic, the most popular choice is usually its Model 1, which comes with the Full-Body Wave Massage and a timer. The bed can be positioned through a remote control that offers many options for adjustments. Model 1 has a fast motor that doesn’t make noise when in operation, so as not to distract the person sleeping.

Columbus Bed by Amerisleep

Amerisleep prides itself as being the more affordable alternative to Tempur-Pedic mattress. This particular model, their Columbus mattress, is touted to be similar to Tempur-Pedic® Simplicity Firm. Only, it claims to be a healthier and more affordable choice.

The Columbus Bed™ is designed as an 8″ foam composition. The mattress’ quiality is firm, with low body conformity. Its main covers are made from bamboo blend ticking, making it resistant to allergens and dust mites. Plus, bamboo cloth feels a lot more cooler on the skin, making sleep feel good.

Washable Wool Mattress Pad by Sleep & Beyond

A good way of adding comfort to your sleep is to put a mattress pad over your already existing one. This wool pad from Sleep & Beyond is made more convenient because it can be washed for as many times as you want, while its quality and comfort remain intact.

The pad is made of Shropshire washable wool, a premium choice for washable bedding. The thread count is 300 and the mattress pad comes with straps that can be attached and fitted perfectly. The fabric feels natural and cool under the skin.

Verona Memory Foam Mattress

The Verona Mattress offers three key features that make up an ideal mattress: comfort, support and durability.

It is made of a stretch-knit cover that makes the surface cooler, while the gel-infused memory foam brings pressure relief, making sleep more comfortable. The foam also offers great support as it cradles the body and adjusts well into its body shape. On top of that, it is also made up of a high density foam core set against a flexible steel foundation, ensuring that the bed will remain sturdy over the years.

Luxurious Leather Ottoman TV Bed

No doubt, this is one luxury bed most people can only dream about. Apart from what looks like a really comfortable sleep setting, with its sleek form, a thick-looking mattress and an obviously smooth sleeping surface, the bed also comes with push-button technology that allows for a TV to pop up, virtually just below one’s feet.

Serenity Firm Mattress

A very low maintenance mattress that does not require flipping, this is made with a wooden foundation out of dried kiln and has a split type support and done as a low profile bed for utmost comfort. The construction has been done to make sure that the mattress’ life is long and enduring to many years of use.

The Spaceship Bed

As a present for his five-year old boy, this father builds this really elaborate bunk bed and designed it into what looks like an inside of a spaceship, using dumpster items. The bed is turned into this masterpiece that’s clearly done with love and passion. The pieces included a lofty bed and a couple of scraps from a television station, hence the “control panel” was set up.

Langley Plush Twin Mattress from Sealy Posturepedic

The Langley Plush is a popular mattress choice and brings utmost comfort and support, with a really durable and solid construction. The mattress comes with a memory foam and cooling gel infusion, which greatly helps with sleep. Inspite this new technology, though, it has old-fashioned innerspring construction that gives the sleeper good support. The springs are made of titanium, allowing the bed to be firm, but also soft.

Keetsa Duvet Protector

If you’re up for some last minute Christmas shopping, head to the nearest Keetsa Mattress store or shop online for this Duvet Protector. It’s a good and conscientious gift for parents, couples and even your children in college.

The duvet protector comes with Advanced Micro-Fiber Technology that works to protect the sleep area, especially when there’s so much activity in and around the bedroom. You can be rest assured, the protector will keep allergens and organisms at bay, so that this doesn’t fill up the fibers of the bedding.

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