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Spruce Up Your Bed With This Headboard Made From Books

A bookworm will probably cringe at this idea of using old books to fashion into a stylish headboard. But then again, if you’re someone who loves to read books, wouldn’t you also love to surround your haven and sanctuary with it? I imagine many readers pick up their favorite book and read this on the bed. Now, imagine setting your head up in an array of books splashed as a headboard, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Organic Mattresses, Inc & Naturepedic Earn GOLS Certification

Two of the leaders in the manufacture of sustainable mattresses, Organic Mattress, Inc. (OMI) and Naturepedic, has received the Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS),  a recognition bestowed to companies producing latex mattress with utmost quality from its manufacturing stages to distribution.

The Magnigel Wave Pillow

The Magnigel Wave pillow is one of the many pillows Magniflex is introducing for its latest pillow collection for its US Market. The company, which is originally based in Italy, plans to do a lot of expansion in US soil this year and along with its mattress collection, bedding accessories are also being improved.

Magniflex Mattress Expands Its Three Lines

Italian mattress maker, Magniflex, which has over 50 years of business credibility and experience, is expanding three of its most sellable lines for its US consumers.

The Dualcomfort Anniversary, Risveglio and Vita mattresses will be getting additional models to fit its new market. The new designs will be introduced by the end of January at the Las Vegas Furniture Market.

Infographic on Mattress and Sleep

Better Sleep Council (BSC) has come up with this really cool infographic highlighting everything you should be aware of when it comes to achieving quality sleep. It highlights how sleep actually effects relationships, mostly especially with couples, and also includes why having a good mattress can be a crucial solution. A good mattress helps reduce body pains, stiffness and discomfort while in bed, which also affects overall quality of life.

Octaspring 8500 by Dormeo

Dormeo Octaspring recently received an honor from the German Design Council for their Octaspring mattress, which features memory foam spring and a structure that helps with smooth movement and support, allowing for a great night’s sleep.

The Octaspring 8500 is their top of the line model, which comes with three Octaspring layers. The bottom offers utmost support with its solid foundation, the middle part addresses the different types of support each zone of the body’s needs, while the top layer offers pure comfort and coolness when sleeping on its surface.

Textrade Inner Spring Pillow Top Mattress

Most consumers still prefer sleeping on an innerspring mattress, and this Textrade Pillow Top is quite a best seller at Amazon, running at less than $300 for the Queen size.

This mattress is covered in 100% damask quilted polyester and comes with 1000 15-gauge tempered steel coils and a centrally solid system making sleep extra durable and supportive. The construction is done this way so that it helps with motion separation, especially when two people are sleeping on the bed.


The Bed That Turns Into A Bathtub

Although this bed’s overall design looks really sleek, as many Italian bed often are, it doesn’t seem comfortable when you realize that underneath the mattress you’re sleeping on, is a bathtub. Or that, with just a simple flick, your bedroom can turn into a bathroom.

An Updated Japanese Bed

The Japanese keep things simple by traditionally just propping a mattress on to the floor and call this their bedroom. Designer Oliver Peake was commissioned to update a Japanese bed and created this design.

This is actually a raised bed, with a storage area hidden under the mattress. Made of solid maple wood all throughout, the raised bed has a sunken frame, with the mattress the only thing rising from its level. The steps to these raised bed are functional because these are drawers, designed for extra storage.

Signature Sleep Essential 6-Inch Mattress

This Signature Sleep Essential Mattress is made for sleep perfection. it comes with a 6-inch innercoil spring that is tempered with 13.5 gauge steeel coils set between different layers of foam. The resulting structure allows for the coils to remain undetected even as the mattress has been used for several years.

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