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Take Advantage of May’s Best Sales With Mattresses

Mattresses are lifetime investments, similar to when you consider buying a car or a house. Because you spend most of your life in bed, choosing a mattress that will make your sleep worthwhile is something that should be of great concern. It’s a necessity, as it matters to your health and well-being.

Hickory Springs Hi Flo Foam

Hickory Springs is releaseing a top of the ine foam product which many bedding manufacturers will have plent of use for.

The new mattress comes with extra width and provides additional air flow. It can be rolled onto the sheets, allowing for a cooler sleep area. The foam also does not require any more treating, hence the foam is breathable, comfortable, and comes in many configurations. Simply put, with this foam mattress, production can be simplified, but the quality for consumers is still the same.

Colorful Eco-Friendly Toppers From FXI

FXI, formerly known as Foamex, a company that manufactures products for health care and home care, has released a line of colorful eco-friendly toppers the company is calling the BIOS Sleep System.

This new toppers has been named after for the Greek word “Life” and these are made from hypoallergenic and organic materials, allowing for a healthier sleep environment. The mattress are also designed to take away muscle aches and pains, relieving pressure points with its special foam density and construction.

The Essentials Line from Naturepedic

Naturepedic’s Essentials mattress line is its newest collection featuring luxury organic mattresses. These are made without harmful chemicals ad using “innovative design and materials” to provide comfort and support for its users.

In a press releases, the company president stated that, ‚ÄúNaturepedic products go above and beyond to provide a safer and healthier sleeping environment. Additionally, Naturepedic luxury mattresses are completely free of all forms of petrochemical foams, and do not require any fire retardant chemicals or barriers.” The new mattress line makes use of plant derived fibers (potato starch), without any foam, hence the mattresses are free from allergens and other chemical ingredients.

Campbell Mattress At High Point Market

Despite being in the business for almost more than 80 years as a mattress manufacturer, Campbell Mattress was present at the High Point Market recently. The company presented four of its premiere collections of middle-end mattress products including the Posture Form mattress, which is featured with gel memory foam and eurotop. The bed is also featrured with a VertiCoil Edge innerspring technology. This mattress retails for about $699 for the queen.

Inclined Mattress Topper

Suffering from sinus congestions when you sleep? Do you snore loudly, disturbing your partner during your slumber? This inclined mattress topper could help.

This mattress’ upper part is slightly raised so that as you sleep on it, the body is also angled to a certain position. Apparently, when you sleep this way, it helps with relieving sinus passages, thus keeping it from getting congested. You snore less and you get through the night better.

Bedding King from LG Korea

We all have this bad habit of eating on the bed and leaving trails of crumbs on it. It’s unhygienic and in most cases, we rely on the vacuum cleaner for this. But sometimes, vacuuming isn’t enough and this is what the Bedding King has its edge over other bed cleaners.

The bedding king is angled to 40 degrees, which makes cleaning possible even when you’re too lazy to sit up or get up and push the button. Furthermore, the vacuum machine is equipped with UV lamps. What that does is to sterilize the bed’s surface as it cleans, making it much more effective against microscopic dust mites and other allergens. This feature is great for those who suffer allergies and encounter asthma attacks.

Jamison Bedding’s English Garden Collection

Jamison Bedding is bringing their English Garden bed collection to the High Point market in Las Vegas. This set is inspired by English gardens with colorful and serene shades, as well as interesting prints and symmetries. The collection is quite well-known, with its attractive visuals and its proven quality, comfort and durability. Jameson has been in the business of mattress manufacturing since the late 1880’s, and its tradition has been carried over for centuries.

Shagreen Bed Designed by Jonathan Charles

As part of Jonathan Charles’ Metropolitan collection, this bed is presented with black shagreen and macassar ebony. The materials alone are exquisite, but the bed’s appearance is even more commendable. It looks exotic and superior, ideally a bed that belongs to any of Manhattan’s lofty but fabulous abodes.

Knitted Boyfriend Pillow: Freaky Or Fantastic?

Would you sleep on a bed with a pillow like this?

Designer NoortJe De Keijzer created this pillow by knitting it from head to toe. It literally has head to toe as the pillow has been designed with a face, arms and legs. The designer calls this the “Knitted Boyfriend” pillow which can be hugged, cuddled and caressed when sleeping.

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