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Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillow

Ever wake up with your pillow all wet and sweaty? Sometimes, using the wrong kind of pillow can greatly affect the quality of sleep, which is why investing in a pillows is also as practical and as sound as investing in a mattress.

Take a look at this…

With its revolutionary pillow construction, Blu Sleep Ice Gel Pillows promise to make sleep a lot more healthier and satisfactory. The pillow’s foam contains gel and a proprietary open-cell structure, thus delivering a plushy and inviting texture that makes sleeping on it really feel good.

[Video] Mattress Jumping By Hotel Employees

[Video] Mattress Jumping By Hotel Employees

Here’s a bit of mindless fun for Monday!

This is a video of employees at a certain hotel in Wisconsin who decided to capture the moment they started jumping on old hotel mattresses. If you worry about the condition of the mattress, it isn’t something they do often, and hotel clients are, rest assured, still able to sleep on a bed that’s comfortable with good support. Only, this particular mattress they are jumping on is set to be replaced. And so they thought they would have a little fun before the old one is going to be disposed.

Georgina Duvet For Your Mattress

Update your bed’s look and feel for the summer with this Georgina Duvet covers from Anthropologie. The frills provide the right touch of romance and elegance to the bedroom. It does look and feel kind of girly, yet it’s one that even the men would love to rest on.

The duvet comes with matching shams and pillow covers, as well as bedding and other add ons (such as the bedskirt) that do not wrinkle. Decked with giant dahlias which are designed with soft cotton voile, this duvet has enough fluff and fabulousness to make your bedroom feel like heaven.

Mattress Spring as Photo Holder

This isn’t something you will usually find on a site that features mostly mattresses and beds, but we can’t help but share this wonderful find!

Old mattresses wear out their use in the long run, but many of its parts can still be used for other things, such as a decorative display case or this: a rustic photo holder.

Children’s Bed Collection Recall

Lea Industries has voluntarily issued a recall of over 60,000 of their children’s bed in the United States, as well as 4,200 units of bed released in Canada. The recall order was released in conjuction with the US CPSC, as these were found to have faulty mattress support rails, which is a potential fall hazard. Over the last four years, there were 22 reported cases involving the beds, with 2 serious injuries involving children.

Get The Best Sleep With a Blue Bedroom

Would you like to get a good sleep at night? A study done in the UK revealed that changing the bedroom’s color to BLUE can enhance the quality of sleep, simply because blue is such a relaxing and soothing color.

As reported in The Daily Mail, a survey of about 2,000 homes done by Travelodge revealed that the best choice for bedroom color is a cool shade of blue. Respondents note that this color allows them to sleep at least 8 hours at night, and then wake up feeling more energized and rejuvenated, with a levelled off heart rate and lowered blood pressure.

Hush Felt Pod

Presented by Freyja Sewell, a British designer, this watering hole provides the comforts of a bed and more. Dubbed as the “HUSH”, it’s actually a pod that offers the user some privacy and resting place. Unlike a regular bed, however, this pod feels so much more enclosed and secure, that it’s almost like sleeping in your own cocoon.

Biosmart Science’s Bios Mattress

The Bios Mattress is backed by over 10 years of research and product development. It’s composition and design has undergone clinical testings to really help with how sleep is improved. As mattress companies today promote the science of sleep, this is exactly the type that promotes every aspect of it — physiology, anatomy, bio-mechanics and osteopathy.

Your Mattress and Your Marriage

Here’s a new angle on why it’s important to choose the right mattress for the bedroom, especially when you’re in a committed relationship and sleeping on the bed with a partner: the kind of mattress you sleep on may matter to the harmony of your relationship with your significant other.

Simmons’ Recharge Beautyrest Mattress Coming Soon

Simmons’ Beautyrest mattress has been the brand’s top selling specialty mattress for many years now. The company recently reinvented the line with its new models, set to be showcased at the 2013 Hospitality Design Expo and Conference in Las Vegas.

Simmons has the hotel industry as target market for this,  as comfort and support provided by hotel mattresses expectedly decrease over a short period.  Yet it’s important for hotels to provide guests with the most comfortable beds, thus mattress replacement happens quite often at hotels.

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