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Sleep Positions and Your Mattress

Your favorite sleeping position can matter to what kind of mattress you should get, if you’re considering of replacing your current one. Picking the wrong type of mattress could affect your comfort level and sleeplessness. It’s only right to take  your sleeping position into account, as different parts or sides to your body come in contact with the mattress.

Why Mattress Recycling Helps The Environment

The very basic reason as to why recycling mattress is necessary is so that dump sites will no longer accumulate a boat load of old mattresses that will take years to decompose. There are tons and tons of mattresses filling up these areas, that it’s already congesting landfills, warranting more dump sites to be opened. It’s unnecessary waste, really, which can be controlled with recycling.

New Standards for Crib Mattresses Issued by ISPA

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) and its key working group and members has drafted a new crib mattress standard or guideline that the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), a regulating body, has just approved.  This new standard is aimed at a better and safer sleep environment that will help prevent SIDS and other threats and accidents for babies and infants while sleeping.

Discarded Mattresses Photographs Trending on Instagram

It’s apparently very common to find mattresses in the streets of San Francisco. Residents who discard their old mattresses normally just dump these on the curb, with other people free to take it. Because it’s a usual sight, it has inspired photographer Amanda Durbin to take photographs of this. According to an article published in The Atlantic, the artist has been doing this since 2009. To date, her photographs has received a following on photo-sharing sites like Instagram, with a hashtag like #nothingreallymattress continually trending.

Mattress Box for Finland’s Newborns

When mothers give birth to their newborn in Finland, they expectedly receive this: a box with a soft mattress on it. This is part of the government of Finland’s maternity package for all mothers, regardless of social status or income. It’s included in what’s called the “baby starter kit”, which new mothers have been enjoying in this nation since the 1930’s.

The Mattress of The Future?

Found this one on the Sealy Facebook page. It isn’t an actual mattress just yet. But it may very well happen in the future.

Perhaps Sealy or another mattress manufacturing company are doing their studies and research for this hover mattress already.

Sleeping Well During Summers

Focus for summer season is devoted to leisure activities, vacations and taking time off. That means, people will be more inclined to rest, relax and sleep, as they take advantage of breaks. But summer also means hot weathers and plenty of activities that can disrupt the quality of sleep. So, how do you deal with a hot and busy summer and get the rest you need?

Marshmallow Bed

This is not exactly a typical bed, as you can’t use it for sleep or rest. But it’s the kind of art piece we don’t often see, much less with a bed or mattress as its main idea. And for that, we love the artist’s interpretation of it.

Designed by Lauren Smith, a mixed media artist from New Jersey, this creation is called “Under The Bed” and features a wooden bed frame with a lot of skewered marshmallows underneath as its “mattress”.

Vintage Mattress Ad Features Hair on Mattress

Throwback Thursday! Check out this newspaper ad from the early 20’s which offers box spring mattresses, especially constructed to include hair contents in them. When we speak of “hair contents”, the manufacturers particularly meant gray curled hair.

It doesn’t exactly say if its human hair, but based on history, it would be easy to conclude that it is.

Highest Peak On A Mattress

Wow! This is not the most comfortable place to sleep because of the height and the open surroundings. Not to mention the dangers of possibly rolling over the mattress and falling flat on the ground. But can you imagine what the breeze is like up here?

Hold on! Before you say anything, this image is obviously photoshopped. There are lots logistical problems with lugging a mattress all the way to this peak, and then tying it so that it balances next to the cliff.

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