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Simple Ways You Can Do To Freshen Your Mattress

Mattresses are a huge investment. As such, care for it is needed so that it can last for many uses. Hiring professionals to do regular maintenance on your mattress can be expensive, as well as disruptive, since you have to deal with workers coming in and out of your bedroom. But the good thing is, there are simple ways you can adopt so that you can still keep your mattress fresh and clean.

Removing the Cigarette Smell Off A Mattress

The thing about cigarette smoke is that its stench can stay in a closed setting for so long. If you have someone in the house who is in the habit of smoking even while on the bed, the  smell of cigarettes could linger on the mattress for weeks.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can do to get rid of the cigarette smell on a mattress.

Andrea Warner is Guinness’ Fastest Bed Maker

Hotel manager Andrea Warner from London broke a Guinness World Record when she attempted and succeeded to make a king size bed in just under 74 seconds. The feat was done during the opening of Travelodge’s 60th hotel in Northhamptonshire, in front of about 200 witnesses, including the Deputy Mayor of London for Business & Enterprise.

The YuMe Mattress for Temperature Controlled Bed

The YūMē™ is a mattress that is designed for comfort. With its soy based core, the mattress provides proper support that also helps the body distribute its weight so evenly. Its also made of memory foam that helps relieve pressure and shock, allowing the body to rest better. The foam is insulated, yet delivers optimal ventilation. And unlike regular foams, it also allows for the proper circulation of air, thus making the sleep surface cooler.

The Pillow for Long Distance Lovers

Separated by thousands of miles, couples who are currently staying in one place can sleep comfortably with this creative pillow. This has been designed to light up and glow whenever their partner, who is on the other end of the world, also holds it close or sleeps with it.

Based on a design student’s idea, the pillow is aptly named “Pillow talk” and makes use of technological sensors and fabric panels that the couple will have to wear every time they go to bed. When it’s time for sleep, the panels and sensors will send signals to each other, causing the pillows to glow, indicating each other’s presence. Further to that, the pillow is also designed to  allow partners to be able to hear each other heartbeats when they rest their heads on the pillow.

3 US States Now With Mattress Recycling Legislations

Rhode Island is the third US state to finally pass its own mattress recycling law that will help the industry and the local government deal with the proper disposal of old mattresses. The legislation, which was passed early this week, encourages non-profit organizations to collect mattresses for recycling, for a certain fee. This legislation is endorsed by the ISPA.

How To Determine The Right Quilt Size For Your Bed

While there are standard sizes for mattresses, sometimes finding the correct quilt to use as cover for the bed could become a failure in decorating the bedroom. This is because the height of the bed can vary, given the type of frame used to support the mattress. Here are some basic things to keep in mind then, when it comes to choosing the right quilt size to go with your bed.

Mattress Trick: Use Carpet Gripper To Hold in Place

Here’s an idea from Ikea Hackers.

You know how mattresses placed on beds without proper framing, such as some platform beds, tend to slip and slide off the foundation? It can get very annoying and it can disrupt a good sleep, which can’t be good for your well-being.

Well, Ikea Hackers suggests that instead of buying an actual bed frame, which can be too expensive and out of budget, or sometimes too constrictive, why not put a carpet gripping on the underneath the mattress?

Video: My Mattress Safe

Video: My Mattress Safe

A bedmaker from Spain is truly cashing in on a mattress design that allows users to literally put their money in a mattress. How can this happen? It’s because the mattress comes with a fire-proof safety deposit box. And in a cash-strapped region like Europe, where the banking industry is in a crisis, this mattress is reportedly selling really well. The Mattress Safe is selling for more than $1,100 but it’s creator and manufacturer said that it’s so in demand.

Bedding To Use For All Season

Comfort in the bed is a number requirement in choosing a mattress, or bedding and linen set. These bedroom needs do not come cheap, which is why shopping for them requires careful thought and decision making.

Time and again, we’ve come up with useful tips to choosing a mattress on this site, pointing out that what really matters is your own preference and comfort level. When it comes to bedding, however, it’s more practical to choose sets that can be used all year round so that you don’t have to necessarily keep on changing these when the temperature changes.

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