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NASA’s $18K Bed Experiment

The US government’s shutdown isn’t preventing other people from getting jobs. In fact, you can get one simply by lying on a mattress for the whole day. If you’re interested, NASA is looking for someone to do this for 70 to 105 days and will even be paying that person $18,000.

Best Mattress For Back Pain Relief

Dealing with a back pain can be harrowing for someone who wants to get a good night’s sleep. It’s possible that the problem is actually caused by the type of mattress use. Old, saggy and worn out mattresses can make the condition worst and the most practical thing to do is to replace this with a new one.

What To Do When Testing A Mattress?

Shopping for a new mattress would be a stressful experience for some people, particularly if they do not have a plan or strategy for this. You need one because a new mattress is a long-term commitment. If you pick the wrong mattress for your body, you will be stuck with it for many, many years.

Bed Designed With Stones

From the Originals, a collection by Noctis, a furniture store in Italy, comes this imaginative bed that is designed with stones at the headboard. But make no mistake, these are not real rough and hard stones. The pieces are actually soft and made of faux leather material. The idea, however, creates a design illusion that makes this bedroom quite the art piece.

Natural 4500 Luxury Bed for the Royal Couple

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are reportedly now proud owners of a marital bed that is made with 4,200 springs. It’s said to be similar to the old bed William and Kate slept on in their Anglesey cottage, while the young couple were still a few months married. The cottage was rented, fully furnished, when the royals moved in.

How Often Should Mattress Be Replaced?

The foundation of a good night’s sleep is solely relied upon in the type of mattress you use, according to a spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council. The group has, time and again, said that mattress replacement should be considered within 5 to 10 years of purchasing the mattress, as this may be the cause of back and joint pains, as well as the inability to get proper sleep.

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

The Different Mattress Comfort Levels Explained

Mattresses are not created the same. Because people have different requirements, comfort levels also vary. When you get to a mattress store, you may probably become confused with the different features. Firm mattress, plush mattress, pillow top mattress — what do these all mean and what are their differences? And what is the best comfort level for our body requirements? Is your body more attuned to sleeping on a firm bed or would you be able to get the best sleep on a plush mattress?

Pacific Drift Platform Bed

Both with a rustic and modern touch, this bed is created by Dave McDonald, a craftsman who specializes in woodwork. Using reclaimed woods from hemlock, walnut and douglas fir, the bed’s design is said to be inspired by the coast of Oregon. The wood undergoes a process of drilling, grounding, sanding and burning, until it is finally coated with a rich finish. It may also be custom made.

Buying a Bed Frame for the First Time? Some Tips Below

Are you in the market for a new bed frame? Is this your first time to buy one? You’ve probably heard from someone else how beds can be an investment, much like purchasing a car. And that is actually true. The one you’ll pick out now is the one you will be stuck with for several years to come. Which means that you have to choose one that really satisfy your taste and requirements.

Kurt Cobain’s Old Mattress is For Sale

As Nirvana celebrates the 20th anniversary of the release of their final album, news have it that the mother of Kurt Cobain would be selling his childhood home in Seattle. Among many of the items left in that house is this old mattress the band’s lead singer, who tragically took his life also almost 20 years ago, used to sleep on.

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