WSJ Features Mattress Designer – Vera Wang

As most everyone is aware, Vera Wang is most renowned for her gown designs, particularly her wedding gown creations. But not every person probably knows she also designs a line of luxury mattress and these was launched early this year (in partnership with Serta).

The Wall Street Journal has recently done an interview with her and below are the excerpts:

WSJ: Isn’t the business of selling mattresses and other home goods fundamentally different from the business of selling designer gowns and apparel?

Ms. Wang: When I did the mattress ads, people asked: “What am I selling mattresses for?” I said, “I am selling them because it is one of the biggest purchases a married couple will make.” Usually if they both lived in separate apartments before, they don’t want to be sleeping on their old mattresses. It was a common sense category for us given that I have a bridal franchise. Our mattress ads didn’t show the guy jumping up and down with a glass of wine on top so that the wine doesn’t move, or take the Lindsay Wagner approach, which is very technical. The commercial is about understanding sleep, what kind of mattress it is and what can be done with this mattress. It is called Cool Foam, which, I had to learn, keeps up with your body heat so you stay cool no matter what. Just a minor detail, but not a small detail, especially when you have hot flashes like I do. But it was also about style, about what’s underneath the sheets. Certainly as we proceed further in mattresses there will be many more nuances that are good. But I also wanted the mattress to ring of romance. I wanted it to feel that there was that connection. Some people spend half their life in their bed. I think that it is a place of refuge, it is a place for comfort, it is a place for romance hopefully. It is a place of many other things. So we tried to make our ads appeal to the mass of buyers, which is an enormous market in America. And we have a very nice mattress business with Serta in just one year—it is not even a year yet.

If you wish to read more of that interview, it may be found here: WSJ

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