Sleep ID and Body Match by Comfort Solutions

Comfort Solutions, a trusted name in the bedding industry, has released a line of new brands of mattresses called the Sleep ID and Body Match. This line is actually a redesigning of one of its higher end lines known as the Delta Z series, with the new models inserted with regulating foams that adjusts temperature.

There is more information from this press release below:

March 30, 2011 – Returning to High Point in its new C659 showroom, Comfort Solutions will focus most heavily at market on its newest brands—Sleep ID™ and Extended Life™–and will introduce enhancements in both its Sleep ID line and the BodyMatch™ technology that supports it.

“Retailer response to these consumer-targeted programs has been overwhelming,” said company president Dave Roberts. “As demand increases we will continue to emphasize and refine our products, and that’s the basis for our efforts this market.”

According to Owen Shoemaker, senior vice president of marketing and product development, the company has redesigned the zippered, convertible tops in the high-end Delta Z series of its Sleep ID line to incorporate higher quality inserts of premium foams like latex, memory foams and temperature-regulating foams.

“The objective is not to create more loft for the sake of appearance or initial comfort in the store, but to refine the surfaces of these beds so that they provide ‘a correct match,’ optimal spinal alignment which is a critical performance mandate for Sleep ID,” he said.

Along with the new inserts, the non-quilted Delta Z smooth tops will feature new tailoring and a stronger splash of color. The company said it is also considering gel and other innovative insert materials for its Delta beds, provided they meet the line’s strict criteria for delivering correct postural alignment.

The new zippered Delta Z tops continue to offer consumers the option of “convertibility” or replacement over time.

“Our objective is to give consumers not only a variety of comfort alternatives at the top of our Sleep ID line, but to enable them to make adjustments in their comfort needs or preferences over time, particularly as they age,” Shoemaker explained.

“There are obvious, practical advantages for consumers or merchants to be able to replace the tops of beds as opposed to entire beds.”

Comfort Solutions also is supporting its Sleep ID line and the promise of optimal body alignment with a new software demonstration developed for its computer-based BodyMatch personal evaluation system.

To be presented at market, the software addition enables retail salespeople to clearly demonstrate correct body alignment to customers testing Sleep ID products in-store.

The graphic imaging, which will be incorporated into new and existing BodyMatch software, makes it possible for the company to show—with computer precision—correct and incorrect body alignment and its impact on comfort.

The new program “relates” the same human subject in the same sleep position to different Sleep ID models that are prescribed as either “Aligned” or “Not Aligned” for that subject’s optimized posture and alignment while in bed.

Specific markers compare and point out differences in body posture (e.g., chin position, which reflects the skull/cervical spine connection), clothing folds, changes in pillow shape and position, as well as flex in the mattress wall fabric. Every one of these factors is, in itself, an evaluation of successful or incomplete body alignment, Shoemaker said.

“This new software component not only further confirms the viability of Sleep ID’s BodyMatch system as a personal assessment tool for better sleeping comfort, but also enhances its value to retailers and consumers as an instrument for both teaching and learning.”

or its Extended Life line, Comfort Solutions said it is continuing to press the positioning of the collection as sag-free and ultra-durable.

Rollator tests conducted in recent weeks proved that Extended Life models outperform competitive beds that are evaluated in far less stringent durability studies, the company said.

“We tested Extended Life models with a 350-pound rollator at 250,000 cycles, compared with using a 230-pound rollator at 100,000 cycles, which simulates 10 years’ use,” Shoemaker noted.

“Our test criteria were far more demanding than the standard 10-year evaluation, and our results were far better,” he added.

“We continue to stand behind the lasting durability of the product we developed for both plus-size and all-size sleepers.”

Comfort Solutions plans to show at market a representative sampling of its extensive brand portfolio, including models from its Laura Ashley®, King Koil® and new two-sided Advantage™ lines, in addition to its Sleep ID and Extended Life collections.

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