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Dualcomfort Magnifico Dualcomfort Magnific

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This mattress is from the original Magniflex series. The company always pushes the envelope to innovation.

This dual comfort foam is made of Magniflex’s own “Elioform” foam which is water based polyurethane and is made of less chemicals, allowing the mattress to be more breathable and less toxic.

The mattress is also anti-microbial and features more of the following:

One Mattress two solutions is what you get with the Dualcomfort Magnifico. The 12” thick mattress is composed of layers of 4” and 2” “Memoform” surrounding a core of “Elioform” The combined core is treated with the “Airyform” process to ensure the best possible ventilation as well as providing 3 areas of weight capacity. In the queen, king and California king, this mattress makes it possible for a couple to sleep on a mattress that meets their individual preference. 2” foam facing up is firmer, while the 4” foam facing up is softer. The mattress is split within the cover so each person chooses their comfort level. Twin and full size mattresses would be two sided, but use a single core.

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