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Don’t be misled by mattress salestalk!

The Savvy Sleeper offers a couple of insights to knowing when you’re being duped into a mattress purchase that may not necessarily give value for your money. Learn and live by these examples:

When a company says that their product is a “natural mattress.” Well, petroleum-based mattress manufacturers can say they have a natural mattress because petroleum comes from the ground. Others say they have a “natural latex mattress” because 50% of the mattress is “natural latex.”Many companies say they have a Tempur-Pedic mattress when what they really have is a mattress “like Tempur-Pedic.” They may say that it feels just like Tempur-Pedic; they may even tell you that the density of their foam is the same as what is in the Tempur-Pedic mattress; but that really isn’t all that’s involved in how the mattress feels.

Some companies say they use “all-natural wool” or “pure wool” or “eco-wool.” This may lead you to believe that they do not use chemicals in processing the wool. However, unless it’s certified organic wool, it is processed conventionally.

Another tricky label is “organic cotton and wool”. Phrased this way, it implies that the mattress contains organic cotton fiber (and/or fabric) and organic wool. If a mattress containing cotton and wool is completely organic, however, it will be labeled “organic cotton and organic wool.”

Refer to this site for more Tricks of The Trade and be a smarter consumer.

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